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Visit the Sheriff’s Office website for the outcome of the Marshall Fire investigation.

Dogs on open space

Dogs On Open Space

Dogs Are Not Allowed

These properties are considered prime wildlife habitat areas and dogs are not allowed at

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed at Hall Ranch & Heil Valley Ranch

The decision to ban dogs from Hall Ranch and Heil Valley Ranch was made in 2006 after seven years of studies, dog-leash compliance monitoring, and many public meetings. See the moratorium document that includes the proposal memo, attachments, and the approval minutes from the final Board of County Commissioners meeting for more information.

Dogs Allowed On Leash

These properties allow dogs but leashes are required. Be courteous and pick up after your dog.

Benefits of Leashing Your Dog

  • Safe from rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and cacti
  • Improved chances of seeing wildlife
  • Avoiding an expensive ticket
  • Minimal impact on wildlife habitat
  • Friendly interactions with other visitors

Dogs Allowed Off Leash

Dogs are allowed off leash at these locations.

Off-Leash Conditions

  • Owners/guardians must have the ability to restrain the dog when requested by staff
  • Dogs are not allowed to harass or engage in threatening behavior toward other visitors, domestic animals, or livestock

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