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Healthy Youth Alliance --HYA

Mission: To ensure that all youth, parents, caregivers, and community members have the knowledge and skills to support youth in healthy, positive choices and behaviors.

We accomplish this mission through supporting programs to reduce youth substance use, including Parents Involved in Education, agencies funded through the Substance Education and Awareness Fund, and partnering with community-based organizations to support parenting classes.

The Healthy Youth Alliance works to empower parents by giving them skills and tools to support their children in making healthy choices and supporting their social, emotional, and physical health. Family connectedness and communication is a proven protective factor to many youth risk behaviors including substance use. HYA provides programs that support parents in communicating with their children about topics such as substance use. Here you can find resources to assist with those conversations and to learn more about youth protective factors.

Parents Involved in Education

Parents Involved in Education (PIE) is a collaborative program to provide Latino parents with the tools to support the health of their kids and to increase parent involvement in the St. Vrain Valley School District. The Healthy Youth Alliance is one of the partner agencies that supports this work.

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Collaborating Partners

  • 8 Parent Taskforce members from SVVSD schools,
  • Boulder County Housing and Human Services (HHS),
  • Boulder County Public Health Generations Program,
  • Casa De La Esperanza,
  • City of Longmont Children, Youth, and Families,
  • Longmont Public Library,
  • El Centro Amistad,
  • Front Range Community College (FRCC),
  • Boulder County Healthy Youth Alliance (HYA),
  • Intercambio Uniting Communities,
  • OUR Center,
  • St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD),
  • Wild Plum Center,
  • Colorado Department of
  • Public Health and Environment, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN)

Active Parenting & Nurturing Parenting Classes

In partnership with I Have A Dream Foundation, Longmont Children Youth and Families, Nederland, Parents Involved in Education, and Sister Carmen.

    • Active Parenting – Active Parenting is a comprehensive program where parents will learn skills that will give them confidence and courage to manage the challenges and enjoy the joys of their children’s adolescence.
    • Nurturing Parenting – The Nurturing Parenting program is designed for parents to gain skills to better relate to their children by: learning to set boundaries, understand feelings, gain mutual respect, and have empathetic communication.

Substance Use Informational Resources

Click the links below for information on talking to your child about substances and the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with your child.

As part of HYA’s aim to reduce youth substance use, young people can find youth resources on events in the Boulder area, substance use, and mental health through the following links.

Substance Education & Awareness Fund

The SEA Fund provides grant funding, technical assistance, and partnership opportunities for selected substance use prevention programs. Click the links below to learn more about the SEA Fund and its accomplishments.

Data Resources

For data information, please visit the data sources below.

Resources and Reports

Below you will find information on countywide and statewide trends, prevention strategies, and social determinants of health as they relate to substance use.

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