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The Treasurer’s Office collects taxes for real property, mobile homes, and business personal property (business equipment). The Treasurer is also the Public Trustee– handling the release of deeds of trust and managing foreclosures.

2023 Taxes Payable in 2024

We expect Tax Notices will be mailed out mid-February.

If you prepaid your property taxes, we have answers to some frequently asked questions.

Paying Taxes

Property taxes may be paid in full, or in two half payments, by the due dates. You can pay these taxes in our office, by mail, online, or over the phone. Instructions for each of these payment methods can be found on the back of your property tax notice.

If you pay online with an e-check, there is no charge to you for the service.
Our processor charges the following fees for card payments:

  • debit cards: 1.21% (minimum $1.32)
  • credit cards: 2.99% (minimum $4.73).

If you choose to mail us a payment, do not include cash. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Boulder County Treasurer.”

It’s easy to pay online. Just click the button below!

Look up / pay property taxes

Electronic Property Tax Notices

We now offer the option to receive tax notices by email. Please read the instructions, then click the button below to get started!

Sign up for electronic tax notices

Seniors, Veterans, and Active-Duty Military

Beginning in 2023, the Colorado State Treasurer’s Office took over the tax deferral programs, including processing applications, which was formerly done by our office.

The interest rate is “equivalent to the rate per annum on the most recently issued ten-year United States treasury note, rounded to the nearest one-tenth of one percent, as reported by the ‘Wall Street Journal’, as of February 1” (C.R.S. 39-3.5-105(5)).

Colorado property tax deferral program
Tax exemption program applications are processed by the Assessor:

Senior Tax Exemption
Tax Exemption for Veterans with a Disability

Tax Liens

Once a year, real properties with unpaid taxes are subject to having a tax lien placed on the property.

Tax Lien Sale Information

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