Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Recovery and Resiliency Division

Recovery and Resiliency Division

Boulder County, Colorado is known for its natural beauty. Along with the breathtaking scenery comes a harsh truth: the county faces frequent natural disasters. From wildfires to blizzards, flash floods or heat waves, these aren’t just possibilities—they happen regularly. Since the Fourmile fire in 2010, it is estimated that there have been less than 40 days when Boulder County has not been responding to or recovering from a disaster.


The Recovery and Resiliency Division provides internal and external county-wide recovery coordination efforts through a lens of justice and equity.


The Recovery and Resiliency Division will ensure that all residents of Boulder County have both the information and resources needed to fully participate and engage in recovery following disasters occurring within the county.


Disaster recovery needs vary from person to person. During recovery, Boulder County might be responsible for a range of activities such as rebuilding infrastructure, managing debris removal and offering personalized support to residents trying to navigate the aftermath. Our recovery coordination serves neighbors in crisis by building efficiency, connecting people to resources, and acting as a reliable source of information.

The Recovery and Resiliency Division of Boulder County supports both Boulder County as an organization and residents navigating the recovery process. 


Resiliency means the ability of communities to rebound, positively adapt to, or thrive amidst changing conditions or challenges, including human-caused and natural disasters, and to maintain quality of life, healthy growth, durable systems, economic vitality, and conservation of resources for present and future generations.

Just as with recovery, resiliency has both internal and external components.  Internal components include regular connections across teams and departments ensuring that Boulder County as an organization is prepared to aid recovery in all forms. Externally resilience activities will center equity, in line with Boulder County values and goals. 

Response and Preparedness

Visit the Boulder Office of Disaster Management website for more details about response and preparedness in Boulder County.

The Recovery and Resiliency Division for Boulder County works closely with the Boulder County Office of Disaster Management to ensure that the transition from response to recovery to resiliency/preparedness is as seamless and clear as possible.