Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage in unincorporated Boulder County is $15.69/hour.

A partir del 1 de enero, el salario mínimo local en la zona no incorporada del condado de Boulder será de $15.69/hora.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Boulder County is one of the most beautiful settings in Colorado, and much of that natural beauty also makes the county highly prone to potentially catastrophic events such as wildfire, blizzards, and flash flooding.

These are not just possibilities, but they have occurred in the past and will occur in the future.


Recovering from a disaster can take a toll both mentally and physically. There is a lot of paperwork, procedures to follow, and deadlines to make, all while trying to manage the needs of your everyday life.

Recovery Navigators can work with you one-on-one to cut through the red tape to get you what you need after a disaster. View Marshall Fire Recovery information.


For several decades various local public agencies have worked together to plan for these events and a coordinated response. Boulder County residents and visitors should be assured that when there is a major emergency, all of the various public safety agencies pull together and support one another regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

Boulder County has long been a leader in the practice of emergency management, and the shared City of Boulder and Boulder County Office of Emergency Management is a top-notch planning entity. Visit for more details about responding to an emergency.


Events such as a wind-driven wildfire or a flash flood in a canyon are all rapidly developing, swiftly moving, and highly devastating. For these reasons, an informed and prepared public is necessary to ensure survival and recovery from a major disaster.

The weather, climate, and terrain in this area is out of anyone’s control, but together we can survive and recover from a disaster with proper planning and preparation.

Visit for more details about planning for an emergency.