Bond Commissioners

Bond Commissioners

The Bond Commissioners staff use a validated risk assessment to interview offenders 18 years and older charged with violations of Colorado state statues and/or Boulder County warrants. Upon completion of the interview and a criminal background check, including local, state, federal and out-of-state agencies, Bond Commissioner staff will identify risk factors, make recommendations, and facilitate release decisions.

Bond Commissioner’s Unit

The Bond Commissioners Unit, located at the Boulder County Jail, provides initial assessment (CPAT-Colorado Pre-Trial Assessment Tool) of offenders after arrest for the purpose of setting bond and/or application for personal recognizance bond release. Offenders may be released on bond by Bond Commissioner staff under guidelines set by the Court and with appropriate conditions established to ensure public safety. The unit operates seven days a week with extended hours.

Further Bond Evaluations

To determine conditions for a safe release on bond, further Bond Evaluations provide an evaluation to the court while offenders are still in custody. Areas such as substance abuse, social, mental and legal history, and potential for danger to self and others are covered. These evaluations are completed within 72 hours of the offender’s first hearing.

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