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Community Corrections

Community Corrections


Due to COVID-19, the next meeting of the Full Board will be held remotely on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 at 7:30 a.m. If you would like to attend this meeting via phone, please email The agenda can be found here.

Responsibility & Services

Community Corrections is an alternative sentence in a Halfway House instead of incarceration in a prison. The program is designed to provide supervision, containment and treatment while the individual works and builds skills that assist them in integrating back into the community by the time their sentence is complete. The types of individuals residing in a halfway house are those that are either being diverted from prison or are inmates/parolees in transition from prison back to the community. Public safety is always the priority.

Community Corrections Board

The state provides funds to the 20th Judicial District (Boulder County) for halfway houses to provide services to offenders. The Boulder County Advisory Boards & Commissions appoints a Community Corrections Board that has the responsibility to:

  • Establish policies and procedures for ‘diversion’ screening placements with facilities.
  • Screen ‘transition’ offenders referred from the Department of Corrections.
  • Provide oversight of local community corrections programs.

The Community Corrections Board has the authority to deny anyone for placement they determine to be a public safety risk. If the board denies funding, a judge does not have the option to use the halfway house as a sentencing option. The program also has the right to refuse any individual they determine will be a risk to the public or their program.

The board meets from 7:30-9:30 a.m., on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month in the Justice Center. Board members put in 12-15 hours per month, and serve three-year terms. In the interest of emphasizing public safety, board members are primarily community volunteers appointed by the Boulder County Commissioners. The board has up to nine volunteer citizen members and five criminal justice system representatives.

Additional Information

Community Corrections provides the support staff for the Community Corrections Board to carry out all of their responsibilities in a timely and effective manner. Please contact our staff at or 303-441-4711 (with any questions regarding Community Corrections in Boulder County).

For further information about community corrections please contact the Colorado Office of Community Corrections. For more information about community corrections boards and their function please contact the Colorado Association of Community Corrections Boards (CACCB).

Board Members

Community Members

    • Peter Barlerin
    • Stacey Elder
    • Sandra Guidicelli
    • Larry Hank
    • David Harrison
    • Rick Healy
    • Kit Hollingshead
    • Mike Jones
    • Karen Pereira

Systems Members

  • Ken Kupfner, District Attorney’s Office
  • Denise Metz, Probation Department
  • Henry Trujillo, Sheriff’s Office/Jail
  • Lacey Steen, Mental Health Partners
  • Emily Briggs/Jessica Hempstead, Public Defenders’ Office
  • Melissa Gallardo, DOC

Community Corrections Board Policies and Procedures manual

Boulder County Community Corrections

303-441-4713 (fax)

Boulder Location

1777 6th St.
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Hours: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. M-F (Excluding holidays)

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