Family Navigator

Family Navigator

The Family Navigator is an individual that can help families who have concerns or confusion about their child being involved in the Juvenile Justice System. The Family Navigator can help in many ways, from a quick one time resource liaison between community agencies and its families; to an advocate that can help families navigate their child’s involvement through the entire time that they are involved in the Juvenile Justice System.
The guidance of a Family Navigator is a service which families voluntarily request. Families can be referred through a referring agency, or the families themselves can also ask for the assistance of a Family Navigator.

The Family Navigator’s Goal is to:

  • Support, educate, and empower the family about the Juvenile Justice System
  • Connect the family to Community Partners for resources
  • Provide family support, and help the family voice their thoughts and opinions
  • Prepare the families to engage and participate in effective services (e.g. court, CRT’s, school meetings, etc.)
  • Understand the process of the court and direct questions/concerns to the right agency or person.

The Family Navigator Will Not:

  • Make and schedule appointments for the family
  • Monitor the juvenile and act as a supervision officer
  • Give legal advice or influence decisions
  • Diagnose mental health/behavioral issues
  • Act as a translator

For more information about the Family Navigator and see how you can take advantage of this service, please call Angel Torres at 303-441-3963.


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