Hauler License

Hauler License

Ordinance and Licensing

Boulder County Ordinance #2019-3 requires licensing of all hauling companies operating within Boulder County that collect, transport, or dispose of discarded materials (trash, recyclables, compostables, construction and demolition materials, aggregate, or landscaping materials). If your company was licensed in 2021, your hauler license will expire on Dec. 31, 2021.

Please follow the steps below to receive your new or renewed hauler license:

  1. Complete the Hauler Application Form
  2. Complete and sign the Self‐Certification Form
  3. Calculate your license fee based on an annual fee of $50 for up to the first three vehicles (if you operate one, two, or three vehicles, the cost is $50). Each additional vehicle is $10 (i.e., if you operate four vehicles, the cost is $60).
  4. Please make checks payable to “Boulder County Treasurer” or submit the payment electronically.
  5. Mail the two forms referred to above and your license fee payment (if not submitted electronically) to the address below.

Boulder County Resource Conservation Division
Attn: Hauler License
1901 63rd Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Upon receipt of your Application, Self‐Certification Form and payment, your Hauler License will be issued and you will receive the appropriate number of windshield stickers for your vehicles.
If you have questions, please contact Cody Lillstrom at 720-564-2757.

Current Licensed Haulers


In 2019, Boulder County implemented new policies that apply to all hauling companies that collect, transport or dispose of discarded materials (trash, recyclables, or compostables, construction and demolition waste, aggregate, or landscaping materials) in unincorporated Boulder County, City of Louisville, City of Lafayette, City of Broomfield, City of Longmont, and Town of Erie.

The policy calls for:

  • Licensing of all hauling companies
  • Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) disposal pricing tiers for residential customers
  • Single-stream recycling (all recyclables together in one bin) with unlimited curbside recycling collection
  • Curbside organics/compost collections in certain neighborhoods
  • Waste Hauler Annual Reporting

Policy Documents

Hauler Ordinance
Implementation Standards
Hauler Zone Map
Unacceptable Materials

Annual Reporting

Through a partnership with Boulder County, haulers and companies report for both the City of Boulder and unincorporated Boulder County using the same software program, Re-TRAC. The reporting forms can be found online at https://connect.re-trac.com/login. Please follow the instructions in the Waste Hauler Reporting Guide, which also contains links to YouTube videos should you need additional help, to report the amount of municipal solid waste, recyclables and compost collected.

Please note, Re-TRAC is being implemented for reporting waste hauled from within the City of Boulder and unincorporated Boulder County, City of Louisville, City of Lafayette, City of Longmont, Town of Erie, City of Broomfield, and Town of Nederland. Haulers may enter data for other communities listed in the Annual Service Summary form; however, this is optional and not required during this reporting cycle.

No paper forms will be accepted this year. All data reported to the city and the County shall be treated as confidential commercial documents under the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, Section 24-72-201, C.R.S., et seq.
Waste Hauler Reporting Guide Dec. 2015

Collection Requirements

Waste haulers are required to offer services based on the “zone” in which the customer resides.

See: hauler zone map

There are four regions with different collection requirements:

  • PAYT trash collection only (mountain areas)
  • PAYT trash collection and unlimited recycling (north of Nelson Rd., east of foothills in unincorporated Boulder County)
  • PAYT trash collection, unlimited recycling, food scrap & yard waste composting (south of Nelson Rd., east of the foothills)
  • PAYT trash collection, unlimited recycling and yard waste composting (communities south of Nelson Rd., just east of the foothills and Eldorado Springs)

Compost and Yard Waste Collection

Curbside compost collection is required in the following regions:

  • East of 39th St. and south of Nelson Rd., north of the city of Boulder food waste and yard waste collection
  • East of Hwy. 93, south of the city of Boulder – food waste and yard waste collection
  • West of 39th St. and south of Nelson Rd. and including Lake of the Pines and Crestview Estates, north of the city of Boulder; and the Eldorado Springs community, west of Hwy 93, south of the city of Boulder – yard waste collection only
  • Food waste may be collected in areas that are not designated if bear-proof organics collection containers are serviced by a hauler licensed under this ordinance.


Materials are required to be collected as Single-Stream Recycling from residential properties covered by the ordinance.

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