Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Report a Concern
Rock slide removal with front loader

Report a Concern

Please share any concern with noxious weeds, rubbish, zoning regulations, building regulations, unsafe structures, trespass, noise, animal control and dead animal removal, mosquito control, body art facilities, restaurants, parking enforcement, potholes and other road maintenance issues that you believe needs to be addressed by reporting it to the corresponding link below.

Featured Programs

Land Use Code Enforcement

The Land Use Department is responsible for enforcing compliance with Building Code, noxious weeds, rubbish, and zoning regulations on private land in unincorporated Boulder County. Learn about the ways to report a violation.

Open Space Weed Management Program

Boulder County Parks and Open Space is responsible for noxious weed management and control along roadsides and on public lands. Learn more about what the weed management program is responsible for.