Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Burn Permits
Slash pile for Burn permits

Burn Permits

Welcome to the Open Burning Portal

Boulder County allows the following open burns within unincorporated Boulder County. Follow the links for more information about each burn type.

Burns conducted in city and town boundaries within Boulder County should follow the guidance set forth by their municipality.

The Open Burning Portal

Use the Open Burning Portal to:

Before You Burn

Before you proceed with an open burn in unincorporated Boulder County, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Guide to Burning for expert tips and instructions on how to burn safely.
  2. Ensure no reasonable Alternatives to Burning exist for disposing of your material.
  3. Ensure your planned burn complies with all regulations and requirements listed in the Quick Guide.
  4. Complete the burn permit application or register your agricultural burn.
    • You will be notified within 20 days whether your burn permit application was approved or denied.
    • You will receive your agricultural burn registration number within 24 hours.
  5. Log your Intent to Burn within 5 minutes of starting your burn on the Open Burning Portal or by calling the Open Burning Hotline at 720-806-4305. Make sure you have your permit number or agricultural registration number available.


Before starting any permitted or registered burns you must file your Intent to Burn within five minutes of putting flames to the ground.
File your Intent to Burn on the Open Burning Portal.
Alternatively, call the Open Burning Hotline. Do not call dispatch to report your burn.

Open Burning Hotline 720-806-4305

After Your Burn

Once you extinguish your burn, log your Burn Completion by logging back into the Open Burning Portal. Alternatively, call the Open Burning Hotline.

Follow all mop up instructions, found in the Guide to Burning. Continue to monitor your burn site for at least 72 hours until no warmth can be detected by hand at any depth within the ash pile.

Open Burn Locations

View locations of upcoming, current, and completed burns within unincorporated Boulder County.


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