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Incorporated Municipalities

Towns & Cities within Boulder County

Boulder County is comprised of the unincorporated areas of the county, plus we are joined in partnership by ten incorporated towns and cities.* In many cases, if you live in an incorporated municipality (aka, a city or town), your first contact level of local government will be your city or town hall.

Not certain whether a property sits within the unincorporated county or inside a city or town? Type in the address in the “enter search term” box at the top of the Property Search page, and view the jurisdiction under Property Description.

We are providing the following contact list of towns and cities for your convenience. If you have questions around building and planning development within your town or city, please visit: Municipal Building and Planning

City of Boulder

Main: 303-441-3388, http://www.bouldercolorado.gov/

Town of Erie

Main: 303-926-2770, http://www.erieco.gov/

Town of Jamestown

303-449-1806, http://www.jamestownco.org/

City of Lafayette

Main: 303-665-5588, www.lafayetteco.gov

City of Longmont

Main: 303-651-8330, http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/

City of Louisville

Main: 303-666-6565, http://www.louisvilleco.gov/

Town of Lyons

Main: 303-823-6622, http://www.townoflyons.com/

Town of Nederland

Main: 303-258-3266, http://nederlandco.org/

Town of Superior

Main: 303-499-3675 , http://superiorcolorado.gov/

Town of Ward

303-459-3358, http://www.ward-co.org/

Unincorporated Communities

Contact Information for Communities in Unincorporated Boulder County

*In general, municipalities run their own garbage and recycling programs, manage utilities such as water and sewer, maintain their own streets, coordinate law enforcement and fire protection, house their own libraries, plan their city’s building and development, and manage parks and recreation activities within their town borders.

In addition, Boulder County provides an array of health, housing, and human services programs within towns and cities, and also coordinates countywide activities such as elections, license plate registration, recording, court services, tax payments, and property assessments. County open space properties are open to all, and in many cases, we jointly own and maintain open space properties with towns and cities as our community partners.

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