If you have questions about property valuation and property tax, visit boco.org/2023Valuation.

Visit the Sheriff’s Office website for the outcome of the Marshall Fire investigation.

Families & Adults
Ortega Family

Families & Adults

Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy throughout all stages of life. Learn how to prevent illness and ensure that your home is safe and healthy. Get assistance and services in times of need.

sick child with a fever

Disease Prevention

Public Health works to prevent the spread of contagious disease which can be transmitted through contaminated food, person-to-person, or from an animal.
Learn more about food safety practices and disease prevention efforts in Boulder County.

woman reading to young girl

Foster Care Program

Learn the steps to become a foster parent, a respite care provider, or to adopt from foster care.

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Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

LEAP assists low-income families and individuals with their heating costs and runs November 1 through April 30. Learn more about how to apply and eligibility requirements.