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Homeless Solutions for Boulder County System Overview

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County

A Systems Partnership

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County (HSBC) is an innovative approach to homelessness that includes multiple government entities including Boulder County and the Cities of Boulder and Longmont, the nonprofits working to impact homelessness, and other external partners. This regional integrated service system combines a coordinated entry process with the provision of timely and appropriate supportive and housing services to assist people in moving out of homelessness and into housing in the most efficient ways possible.

Governance and System Structure

HSBC updated the system structure in 2021 to ensure Boulder County is providing and implementing best policies and practices for individuals experiencing homelessness.

View a description of each of HSBC’s governance and system structure’s teams.

Housing First Model

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County (HSBC) is an innovative, systems approach to addressing homelessness across the county that was launched in October 2017. This new approach is organized around the Housing First model; an evidence-based approach that prioritizes helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness obtain a stable housing solution as quickly as possible. The goal of HSBC is to provide adults experiencing homelessness with targeted, responsive services to support quick, stable housing solutions.

Innovation and Design Application

We are accepting applications to join the new working group “Innovation and Design” a working group to review emerging ideas to address homelessness.

Find the application here

Our Government Partners

This is a list of current agencies represented in HSBC working groups.

  • Boulder County Community Services
  • Boulder County Housing and Human Services
  • Boulder County Public Health
  • Boulder County Housing Authority
  • Boulder County Jail
  • Boulder Housing Partners
  • City of Boulder Housing and Human Services
  • City of Boulder Municipal Court
  • City of Boulder Police Department
  • City of Longmont Community Services
  • City of Longmont Police Department
  • Longmont Housing Authority
  • Longmont Public Safety
  • Metro Denver Homeless Initiative
  • Veterans Affairs
  • 20th Judicial Probation

Our Regional Partners

  • Boulder Community Health
  • Boulder County AIDS Project
  • Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
  • Bridge House
  • Clínica/Peoples Clinic
  • Feet Forward
  • Focus Re-Entry
  • Harvest of Hope
  • HOPE Longmont
  • Mental Health Partners
  • Nederland Interagency Council on Homeless Encampments
  • Recovery Café Longmont
  • The Inn Between
  • TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)
  • TRIBE Recovery Homes
  • Veterans Community Project

Contact Us

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County

Phone: 303-441-3560

HSBC email

Mailing Address

PO Box 471
Boulder, CO 80306