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Boulder County Drug Task Force

Boulder County Drug Task Force (BCDTF)

The Boulder County Drug Task Force, established in 1988 and managed under the auspices of the Sheriff’s Office, is a multi-agency law enforcement task force whose primary focus is to investigate violations of state and federal drug law.

The BCDTF is comprised of detectives and supervisors from:

  • Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
  • Boulder Police Department
  • Erie Police Department
  • Lafayette Police Department
  • University of Colorado Police Department

The Drug Task Force serves the towns of Lyons and Superior as well because the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office provides contract law enforcement services to those communities.

Establishing a task force allowed the various agencies involved to reduce the number of detectives assigned to their individual narcotics units, allowing the reallocation of staff to other functions. The reallocation also saved money and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of drug investigations.

The BCDTF is comprised of

  • Nine detectives
  • Two sergeants
  • A commander
  • An administrative support position

Detectives are assigned to the Task Force for two to five years before rotating back to their contributing agency. They receive eighty hours of basic drug investigation training from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Agency. They also attend a forty-hour class in Clandestine Lab Response and Investigation, as well as on-going in-service training which includes:

  • Case law review
  • Officer safety
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms proficiency
  • Building entry and search techniques, etc

Drug investigations involve complex and unconventional approaches to law enforcement. Detectives are selected for their knowledge, skills, and abilities to “fit into” the drug cultures that exist in our communities. They develop investigative leads from various confidential and anonymous sources of information as well as from concerned citizens. They must be able to operate in dangerous environments and rapidly evolving situations outside the usual law enforcement arena. A strong knowledge of criminal case law pertaining to arrest, search and seizure, is required as well as a good bit of common sense and the ability to think on their feet.


To report drug activity, speak to a Drug Task Force detective, or to obtain additional information, contact the Boulder County Drug Task Force at
email DrugTaskForceInfo@bouldercounty.org.

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