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Three60 Foster Care
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Three60 Foster Care

About Three60 Foster Care

Foster parents provide temporary care of a child or children while supporting family and agency efforts to reunify the parents with their children. Most children served by the agency remain at home, but for those children whose safety requires temporary removal, the goal is always to reunite the family.

Boulder County needs foster families to support adolescents, as well as foster families able to care for, and keep together, siblings who come into care. If you want to guide a teen become a healthy adult, or if you have room to care for siblings, right now.

Many foster parents hold the hope of adopting a child. For some foster families this is possible. The family is initially certified exclusively for foster care, and notation made that the family is open to adoption. In the event that a child or children in their care is unable to return to her/his parents, that foster home may be asked to be the permanent family for the child or children.


All legal residents 21 years of age or older are eligible to apply to become foster parents. You should have a stable income and health sufficient to support your family.


Our hope is that every child who enters our care leaves with more healthy adults in her/his life than when s/he came in. To that end we go to great lengths to help our foster families:

  • Provide a home with structure, nurturance, and guidance for a child in crisis
  • Support the agency’s work toward reuniting the child and parents
  • Protect and maintain the child’s best interests
  • Form a healthy, lasting bond with the child and her/his family

Supports and Benefits

Boulder County provides:

  • Financial support to assist with additional costs, including Medicaid coverage for all children who enter care
  • Education/Support Groups
  • YMCA discounts
  • Substantial training and educational resources
  • Rewarding and enriching relationships and experiences
  • Every resource family is assigned a support worker to help them achieve their goals

See expanded list of supports and benefits.


  • Have to ability to keep focused on the goal of family reunification, even when the steps and systemic barriers make the process frustrating.
  • Value Boulder County’s responsibility to keep youth with their families and accept that their role as a foster parent is to act as a critical part of that process.
  • Choose to foster in large part because they view the struggles of youth in care as a social justice issue and want to be part of the solution.
  • Commit to helping maintain family and other significant relationships.
  • Are resilient and flexible.
  • Realize that parenting a foster youth requires a unique set of parenting skills.
  • Often have experienced challenges in their own lives and have done their own therapeutic work.
  • Have a great balance of realistic expectations and great hope for what it means to be a foster parent.
  • Know that they may need their own therapeutic support as they grow and develop in their new role as a foster parent to traumatized but resilient youth.
  • Are proactive in reaching out for help.
  • Have a rich network of friends and family who are committed to helping their family succeed.
  • See the value of accessing community-based supports and services.
  • Have a great sense of humor and can use it when things get hard.
  • Have interests and activities they hope to share with youth.
  • Genuinely enjoy children and youth.
  • Understand the personal and societal cost of allowing young people to age out of foster care without supportive family relationships.

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