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Foster Care and Adoption

Read and reflect on these questions to find out whether you have what it takes:

  • I like kids and teenagers.
  • It’s okay if my kid doesn’t call me “mom” or “dad” or yells “you’re not my mom,” occasionally. Loudly.
  • I can handle hearing swear words.
  • I tweet or know someone who does.
  • Sometimes I laugh at situations that make others walk away in frustration.
  • I understand the importance of biological family connections in a foster child’s life and with additional training can facilitate those connections.
  • I remember doing dumb things when I was a teenager.
  • I know I will need help if I foster and I am eager to learn.
  • My family is often more like Ozzy Osborne’s than Ozzie and Harriet’s.
  • I know that I will not die if my grandmother’s teacup gets broken.
  • I have friends who are different than I am as far as race, culture, income, politics or other important things.
  • I am resilient and cool headed even in the face of frustration.
  • Thinking of teaching a teen to drive doesn’t make me want to cry.
  • I have done my own therapeutic work and have a therapist I can return to if my own issues are stirred up.
  • I know how to not take things personally even if they hurt my feelings.
  • Part of why I want to foster is because I know children who enter the foster care system need support and I want to be part of the solution.
  • I will support and encourage a youth’s spiritual or religious belief system even if it is different from my own.
  • I know I will need help if I foster and I am eager to learn.
  • If I have a partner, we are on the same page about fostering and parenting a traumatized youth.
  • I want to join a community of people who have fostered and support each other.
  • I have the capacity to see the hurt and trauma in a youth’s eyes and to be an emotionally-attuned support as they heal.
  • I’ve heard of TikTok, and I’ve used Instagram.
  • I know what sexting is, and I have some idea what to do if my kid does it.
  • I know how to fix a hole in sheetrock.
  • I like surprises.
  • I am willing to parent a foster youth according to their needs, even if they are 17 years old and sometimes needs to be parented like they are 12.
  • I’m intrigued with the idea of getting to know a foster youth’s biological family; and I can support their efforts to navigate those complicated relationships.
  • I know what SOGIE means or will go look it up.
  • I know that I will need help if I foster and I am eager to learn (yes, we realize this is listed 3 times…get the point?).
  • I know how to say “no” in the face of extreme pressure. Often, I say “yes.”
  • I like hugs but can live without them sometimes.
  • Music is okay even if I cannot understand a word they are singing.
  • I have a network of friends and family who will support my plans to foster a Boulder County youth.
  • I have been stubborn or pushy.
  • If you answered “yes” to most of the statements above, you just might be a good fit for fostering through Boulder County. Learn more about our process or contact us.

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