Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Fire and Smoke


Boulder County has a wild and varied history of wildfires. There are many ways that residents and visitors can help prevent fires from occurring and to protect themselves when they do occur.

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Fire Restrictions

Fire restrictions can be enacted either by the Sheriff or the Board of County Commissioners when certain outdoor conditions are met. It is CRITICAL that visitors and residents alike do everything possible to prevent fires of all kinds.

Office of Disaster Management Preparedness

Visit the Office of Disaster Management website for information on how to prepare and protect yourself in the event of an emergency from fire, flooding and other disasters.

Fire Danger Levels

Visit the National Weather Service website for up-to-date information about fire danger levels.

Fire Management

Fire Management acts as the subject matter experts to the Sheriff for wildfire suppression, prescribed burning, fire restriction implementation, and education.

Forest Health

Join the Forest Health listserv and receive updates on the best ways to manage your private forested lands.