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Wildfire Mitigation
Sherwood Road, Nederland, Colorado, after the Cold Springs Fire of July 2016

Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire Mitigation

Boulder County has a long history of both beneficial and destructive wildfires. Wildfires are becoming larger, more intense and more destructive for many reasons—most important of which is a warming climate. Wildfire risk will continue to increase. It is not a question of “if,” it is a question of “when” the next destructive wildfire will take place in Boulder County.

For decades homeowners and government agencies have spent tens of millions of dollars preparing for the next wildfire in the county. However, much more mitigation work is needed to help address our increasing risk. In 2022, 72% of Boulder County voters agreed, approving a new sales and use tax to increase the pace and scale of wildfire mitigation efforts and additional resources to help county residents.

What is Wildfire Mitigation and Who Performs It?

Wildfire mitigation is action taken before a wildfire ignites to reduce its severity and negative impacts such as the destruction of homes. Forest management, prescribed fire, home hardening, and defensible space are common wildfire mitigation strategies. Action taken after a wildfire ignites— emergency notification, fire suppression, and recovery programs—are not included in the definition of wildfire mitigation.

Homeowners perform wildfire mitigation by hardening their homes and creating defensible space. Public land managers and private landowners perform wildfire mitigation through proactive management of their lands.

For more information on wildfire mitigation and forest health, contact the Wildfire Mitigation Team at 303-441-1420 or wildfiremitigation@bouldercounty.org.

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