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Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance Program

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Program is staffed by dedicated and trained volunteer victim advocates. Working in conjunction with Boulder County law enforcement agencies and the Criminal Justice System, victim advocates provide crisis response to victims of violent crime and trauma and survivors of sudden death through on-call and outreach programs.

Goals of the Victim Assistance Program

  • Provide 24-hour on-call crisis intervention.
  • Provide outreach to victims of crime.
  • Assess needs of victims and survivors
  • Provide information and referral to appropriate county agencies.
  • Provide education and awareness of victims’ rights to the community.
  • Work in cooperation with Boulder County law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Program, and other community agencies

Criteria to Become a Victim Assistance Advocate

  • Ability to work as an on-scene or outreach volunteer.
  • Possess an open, non-judgmental attitude towards victims.
  • Ability to communicate well with people.
  • Ability to think well and respond quickly.
  • Possess a genuine concern and empathy for victims of crime, and survivors of sudden death or violent death.
  • Ability to be an advocate for victims/survivors regardless of the circumstances.

Benefits to Being a Victim Assistance Advocate

  • Gain direct experience in providing support to people in need.
  • Gain knowledge about law enforcement, the Justice System, the elements of crime and the dynamics of victimization
  • Enhance awareness in the community of the rights of victims and their families.
  • Opportunity to gain valuable personal insights while serving as an advocate.

Victim Assistance Programs

Boulder County is an equal opportunity employer.

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Victim Assistance Program

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