Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Directory – Program and Offices
Photo of the Justice Center exterior at 6th and Canyon in Boulder

Programs and Offices Directory

Program/Division Department/Office Email Phone
Human Services Housing and Human Services 303-441-1000
Special Event Permits Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Treasurer’s Office Treasurer 303-441-3520
Civil Division Sheriff 303-441‑3608
Community Services Community Services 303-441-3560
Detective Division Sheriff 303-441‑3650
Evidence‑Property Sheriff 303-441‑3629
Jail Inmate Visitation Sheriff 303-441‑4650
Patrol Division Sheriff 303-441‑3650
Personnel Sheriff 303-441‑3609
Records Division Sheriff 303-441‑3600
Victim Assistance Sheriff 303-441-3656
Warrants Division Sheriff 303-441‑3644
Non‑Emergency Requests For Sheriff’s Dept. Response Sheriff 303-441‑4444
Transportation Engineering Public Works 303-441-3900
Road Maintenance Public Works 303-441-3962
Adopt-A-County Road Public Works 303-441-3900
Mobility For All Community Planning & Permitting 720-554-2218
Neighborhood and Small Business Eco Pass Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Floodplain Information Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Multimodal Planning Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Bus Stop Enhancement Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Local Improvement District Public Works 720-564-2655
Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership Public Health 303-413-7567
Tuberculosis (TB) Program Public Health 303-413-7500
Vector Control Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Volunteer Services Public Health 303-441-1163
Water Quality Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Women, Infants, & Children Program (WIC) Longmont Public Health 303-678-6130
Family Health (Longmont) Public Health 303-678-6166
Family Health (Boulder) Public Health 303-413-7500
Community Health (Longmont) Public Health 303-678-6166
Community Health (Boulder) Public Health 303-413-7500
Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Public Health 303-441-1530
Women, Infants, & Children Program (WIC) Lafayette Public Health 720-564-2213
Women, Infants, & Children Program (WIC) Boulder Public Health 303-413-7520
Boulder County Public Trustee Treasurer 303-441-3520
All Emergency Calls Sheriff 911
Emergency TDD (For Use by Deaf) Sheriff 911
Information‑Records Sheriff 303-441‑3600
Administration (Sheriff) Sheriff 303-441‑4605
Animal Control to request Animal Control response Sheriff 303-441‑4444
Coffman Site (Longmont) Public Health 303-678-6166
Communicable Disease Control Program Public Health 303-413-7523
Communications Program Public Health 303-441-1457
Community Infant Program (CIP) Public Health 303-661-0433 *868
Body Art Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Emergency Preparedness Program Public Health 303-413-7500
Environmental Health Public Health 303-441-1564
Food Safety Program Public Health 303-441-1564
GENESIS Program Public Health 303-678-6155
GENESISTER Program Public Health 303-678-6139
Health Planning Public Health 303-441-1167
HIV/STI Outreach Program Public Health 303-413-7500
Immunization Program Public Health 303-413-7799
Lafayette Site Public Health 720-564-2706
Longmont Site Public Health 303-678-6131
Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Public Health 303-413-7554
OASOS Program Public Health 303-678-6259
Radon Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Sundquist Site (Boulder) Public Health 303-413-7500
Adolescent Services Housing and Human Services 303-441-1000
Housing Counseling/Personal Finance Program Housing and Human Services 720-564-2279
Planning – Long Range Planning and Policy Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Planning – Development Review Team Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Building Permits and Inspection Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3926
Land Use GIS Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Forest Health – Private Land Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Wildfire Mitigation – Private Land Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Code Enforcementand Public Information Community Planning & Permitting 303-441-3930
Parks and Open Space Parks & Open Space 303-678-6200
CSU Extension Office Parks & Open Space 303-678-6238
Fairgrounds Parks & Open Space 303-678-6235
Youth Corps Parks & Open Space 303-678-6104
Administration (Public Health) Public Health 303-441-1100
Air Quality Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Community Substance Abuse Prevention Public Health 303-413-7547
Birth and Death Certificates (Vital Records) Public Health 303-441-1100
Business Sustainability Program Public Health 303-441-1564
Child Health Promotion (CHP) Public Health 303-413-7500
Children with Special Needs Program (CSN) Public Health 303-413-7500
Juvenile Center Community Services 303-441‑3978
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Community Services 303-441-1173
Medicare Ombudsman (Bilingual) Community Services 303-678-6113
BEST Program Community Services 303-441-3661
Boulder County Prevention Connection Community Services 303-441-3839
Project Self-Sufficiency Community Services 303-441-3987
Coroner’s Office Coroner 303-441-3535
Longmont Probation Office Courts 720-564-2555
Prosecution District Attorney 303-441-3700
Investigation District Attorney 303-441‑3700
Victim Witness Assistance District Attorney 303-441-3700
Adoption and Foster Care Housing and Human Services 303-441-1089
Adult Protection Housing and Human Services 303-441-1309
Child Abuse and Neglect Housing and Human Services 303-441-1000
Child Support Housing and Human Services 303-441-1000
Financial and Food Assistance Housing and Human Services 303-441-1000
Fraud Investigations Housing and Human Services 303-682-6790
Sexual Abuse Team Housing and Human Services 303-441-1309
Office of the County Administrator Office of County Administrator 303-441-3525
Bids and Purchasing Office of Financial Management 303-441-3525
Board of Equalization Office of County Administrator 303-441-4590
Building Services Public Works 303-441-3525
Finance Office of Financial Management 303-441-3525
Hazardous Materials Management Facility Public Works 720-564-2251
Human Resources/Jobs Human Resources 303-441-3525
Information Technology Information Technology 303-441-3525
Recycling Center Public Works 720-564-2220
Resource Conservation Public Works 720-564-2220
Sales and Use Tax/Financial Services Office of Financial Management 303-441-3525
Assessor’s Office Assessor 303-441-3530
Motor Vehicle Clerk and Recorder 303-413-7710
Elections Clerk and Recorder 303-413-7740
Recording Clerk and Recorder 303-413-7770
Clerk and Recorder’s Office Clerk and Recorder 303-413-7700
Board of County Commissioners Commissioners 303-441-3500
Budget Office Office of Financial Management 303-441-4506
Justice System Volunteers Community Services 303-441‑3690