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BHAP Program
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Behavioral Health Assistance Program -- BHAP

The Behavioral Health Assistance Program (BHAP) is a collaboration between Community Justice Services (CJS) and the Boulder County Jail. BHAP is a jail re-entry program which offers long-term, intensive case management for individuals with behavioral health needs who are exiting the Boulder County jail. BHAP has a mental health track and a substance use track; where possible, BHAP will connect clients to existing mental health and substance use disorder services within Boulder County. While there is a focus on behavioral health the program is centered around increasing participants connections to the social determinants of health.

BHAP is a collaborative program between CJS and our local community mental health agency, Mental Health Partners. Mental Health Partners provides two staff positions who are embedded within the BHAP team and provide treatment and support services to BHAP participants. Mental Health Partners also provides speedy access to a psychiatric prescriber, medication management, and MAT services for BHAP participants. Information about behavioral health service availability are collected, databased and then used by BHAP to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the larger service environment, develop strategies that fill identified gaps, and explore opportunities to modify existing policies and practices within Boulder County.

BHAP’s innovative work in the field of jail re-entry has resulted in BHAP’s selection by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Council of State Governments (CSG) as a national learning site. As a national learning site BHAP provides supportive consultation o other jurisdictions interested in providing re-entry services to individuals with behavioral health needs.

BHAP was a recipient of a 2023 the National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award.

Eligibility/Client Profile

Eligible individuals include adults who come into contact with law enforcement, who have a high likelihood of serious mental illness and/or a high likelihood of substance use disorder, and high need for stabilizing services in the community. Eligibility is determined using evidenced based screening and assessment tools. Individuals are eligible to begin working with BHAP when they are within 45 days of release from the Boulder County jail.

How it works

The Program assesses appropriate individuals based on likelihood of serious mental illness and/or substance use disorder and provides supportive services, as well as identifying barriers or obstacles that may hinder their ability to engage in services. A BHAP case manager assists in engaging and connecting these individuals to community-based support services that will assist them in achieving stability in the community. BHAP participants may have the ability to work with a mental health therapist and peer support specialist as part of their support team.

The types of services that individuals may get connected with are:

  • Mental Health Services and medications
  • Substance Use Treatment and MAT
  • Housing, Education, and Employment
  • Food and Basic Needs
  • Transportation
  • Financial Stability
  • Medical and dental care
  • Veteran Services
  • Support System
  • Support with legal requirements/compliance

For more information about the program, contact the BHAP Staff at or 303-441-4697.

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