Tax Lien Sale

2024 Sale Dates

Real Property Tax Lien Sale

Our tax lien sale will be held TBD

Registration begins at 7:30 AM
Sale begins at 8:30 AM

Mobile Home Tax Lien Sale

Our tax lien sale is announced for TBD

As permitted under CRS 39-10-111.5, delinquent mobile home taxes will be struck off to the county rather than being offered for sale at auction.

Tax Lien Sale Information

For questions about parking, what information you’ll need to provide during registration, or anything else, please see our list of frequently asked questions.

Tax Lien Sale Briefing

A briefing describing the tax lien sale process will be held for interested investors prior to the sale. This briefing is for information only, and attendance is not required.

Monday, TBD
6:00 PM
Commissioners’ Hearing Room
1325 Pearl St Boulder
Third Floor

Tax Lien Interest Rate

The 2023 interest rate is 15% per annum.

Prior Year Sale Information

Category 11/15/2019 11/20/2020 11/5/2021 11/16/2022 11/17/2023
Interest 12% 9% 9% 12% 15%
Investors at sale 42 37 42 37 32
Properties at auction 325 522 402 446 488
Premium Average 5.9% 5.2% 7.5% 7.6% 7%
Taxes collected $2,084,855.35 $2,741,829.48 $2,918,713.39 $2,470,112.64 $2,329,830.56

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