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Parks & Open Space


Accepting Nominations for Conservation Awards

Nominations are being accepted for individuals, families, community groups, or organizations that have made outstanding contributions in Boulder County in Land Conservation, Environmental Stewardship, or Cultural and Historic Preservation. The nomination deadline is June 3.

Weed Management on Open Space

An updated draft version of the Integrated Weed Management Plan was presented to the Board of County Commissioners at a public hearing on April 16. They will deliberate and make their decision on May 23.

Flood Buyout Properties

Boulder County is seeking new owners for flood buyout properties. The application period for these free parcels is open through June 30. Federal regulations require these properties remain undeveloped.

Parks & Open Space Vision

Leading the way to exceptional open space.

Parks & Open Space Mission

To conserve natural, cultural, and agricultural resources and provide public uses that reflect sound resource management and community values.

Parks & Open Space Goals

  1. To preserve rural lands and buffers.
  2. To preserve and restore natural resources for the benefit of the environment and the public.
  3. To provide public outreach, partnerships, and volunteer opportunities to increase awareness and appreciation of Boulder County’s open space.
  4. To protect, restore, and interpret cultural resources for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.
  5. To provide quality recreational experiences while protecting open space resources.
  6. To promote and provide for sustainable agriculture in Boulder County for the natural, cultural, and economic values it provides.
  7. To develop human resources potential, employ sustainable and sound business practices, and pursue technological advancements.

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