Accessibility on Open Space

Accessibility on Open Space

Trail Accessibility

Trained Service Dogs

Service dogs are allowed on all open space properties. Service animals are defined as a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability. Provisions of emotional support, well being, comfort or companionship are not qualifying allowances under the regulation.

Wheelchairs & Manually-Powered Mobility Aids

Individuals with mobility disabilities are permitted to use wheelchairs and manually-powered mobility aids on any trail open to pedestrian use so long as they are used in a manner that is safe for the user.

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs)

Individuals with mobility disabilities may use OPDMDs on all trails open for pedestrian use unless a particular trail has been designated as inappropriate for use by OPDMDs based upon the assessment factors found in 28 CFR § 35.137(b)(2) of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

OPDMD is defined as any mobility device powered by batteries, fuel, or other type engine that is used by individuals with mobility disabilities for the purpose of locomotion, including golf carts, electronic personal assistance mobility devices such as the Segway® PT, or any other mobility device.

Use of OPDMDs must be in a safe manner and is at the risk of the user. OPDMDs may not be used off trail.

All OPDMDs Allowed

  • Agricultural Heritage Center
  • All trails at Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm
  • All trails at Coalton Trailhead
  • All trails at Lagerman Agricultural Preserve
  • All trails at Pella Crossing
  • All trails at Twin Lakes
  • All trails at Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat
  • Coal Creek Trail
  • Meyers Homestead Trail at Walker Ranch
  • Niwot and Dry Creek Trails
  • Rock Creek Trail

OPDMDs Less Than Four Feet in Width Allowed

  • All trails at Caribou Ranch (no e-bikes)
  • Boulder Canyon Trail
  • Cattail Pond Trail at the Fairgrounds
  • Dodd Lake Trail at Dodd Lake
  • Indian Mesa Trail at Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain

All OPDMDs Prohibited Except Electric Bicycles

  • All trails at Mud Lake
  • Bald Mountain
    • Pines to Peaks Loop
  • Betasso Preserve
    • Benjamin Loop
    • Betasso Link Trail
    • Bummer’s Rock Trail
    • Canyon Loop
    • Loop Link
  • Hall Ranch
    • Antelope Trail
    • Button Rock Trail
    • Nelson Loop
    • Nighthawk Trail
  • Heil Valley Ranch
    • Lichen Loop
    • Overland Loop Trail
    • Picture Rock Trail
    • Ponderosa Loop
    • Wapiti Trail
    • Wild Turkey Trail
  • Legion Park
    • Legion Loop
  • Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain
    • Eagle Wind Trail
    • Little Thompson Overlook
  • Walker Ranch
    • Josie Heath Trail

All OPDMDs Prohibited

  • Anne U. White Trail
  • Blanchard Trail at Betasso Preserve
  • Fourmile Link at Betasso Preserve
  • Bitterbrush Trail at Hall Ranch
  • Walker Loop at Walker Ranch

Additional Rules and Regulations

Additional trail segments or other facilities can temporarily be deemed inappropriate for use of certain classes of OPDMDs based upon current conditions that may affect the safety of the OPDMD user or other members of the public and/or harm to the immediate environment or natural or cultural resources, such as weather, trail conditions, and volume of pedestrian traffic.

Please see the complete Rules and Regulations.

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