Public Health

Public Health

Boulder County Public Health COVID Testing $377,200
Access to COVID-19 testing, especially for vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations, is a critical immediate need given the spikes in cases due to variants. BCPH has been working with Boulder Community Hospital over the past year to ensure access to testing in congregate settings, shelters, outbreak sites, and more remote mountain communities such as Nederland. These populations represent priority populations (e.g., older adults in LTCF’s, homeless, homebound, etc.) and vulnerable groups, including those in congregate settings (e.g. assisted living, etc.) who have been exposed to a positive case, as well as geographically remote residents. Funding is for Boulder Community Hospital, reimbursement of services since March 3, 2021, and pass-through funds to continue the work.

Juvenile Assessment Center COVID positions $130,084
Throughout the pandemic, the Juvenile Assessment Center has operated continuously in-person as a secure juvenile detention facility for Boulder County law enforcement. The Juvenile Center is the only county-funded intake, assessment, and short-term detention facility in the state, with a maximum holding capacity of 20 youths, ages 10 to 17. This facility provides structured programming including educational and life skill activities in order to reduce further harm. The need for well trained and sustained full-time positions is a critical need to maintain safe and secure care for our county’s most vulnerable families and juveniles. The scope of work for this request extends two full-time term positions through the COVID-19 recovery.

Boulder County Public Health Vaccine Community Support $1,813,000
Funding supports several community communications efforts: 1) Funds to continue the VECC (Vaccine Equity Coordinating Committee) to reach much of the remaining 95,000 people in Boulder County who still need to be vaccinated and continue containment and mitigation outreach. Funding is for the VECC Coordinator and Project Manager to coordinate and support planning and implementation of vaccination programs. 2) Support for COVID-19 communications, including a Bilingual Communications Specialist and funds for bilingual COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. Community Ambassadors work to ensure priority populations are protected and increasingly vaccinated, and funding will continue that collaboration. 3) Variants created an urgent need to fully staff the BCPH Call Center to provide accurate information to the public including information on testing, vaccinations, and new Public Health Orders. Funds will cover staff, and funds to provide three staff. 4) Finally, support is needed to reconvene a Business and Community Liaison team to respond to the business/community needs. Funding is for a Coordinator and two staff (at least one bilingual/bicultural), along with up to $100,000 pass-through funds for a) legal support from the County Attorney’s office and b) to retain and pay for outside council for investigating, filing, and litigation violations individual and business violations of public health orders and for representing Boulder County Public Health in legal proceedings concerning public health orders.

Low Wage Workers Fund $250,000
Many low-wage workers in Boulder County cannot afford to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19. Although there are some paid leave protections in Colorado, they don’t apply to all workers, and many employees don’t feel they can advocate for their employee rights for a myriad of reasons, including documentation status and/or fear of retaliation. Exposure to COVID-19 can result in isolation or quarantine. These periods of time where one is prohibited from working can cause financial strain, especially for low-wage workers. This program will provide direct cash assistance to individuals who need to isolate or quarantine as a way to ensure their financial stability, such as affording general household expenses, and to reduce the further transmission of COVID-19 throughout the community. Qualification requirements include: Boulder County resident, individual tested positive OR applicant is a caregiver to a family member that tested positive for COVID-19; individual Income: Earns $600 or less per week; household Income: Eligible for Health First Colorado; and worked within last two weeks prior to testing COVID-19 positive or having to caregive. Cash supports will be between $1000-$1500. Assistance is limited to one grant per household.

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