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Septic Systems After a Flood
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Septic Systems (Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) After a Flood

Check on Your System After a Flood

Please consider the state of your septic system now that the flood water has receded. We are counting on you to help in our efforts to maintain clean, healthy waters in Boulder County. Septic systems are our country’s second most frequently cited source of groundwater contamination. Unapproved, aging, and failing septic systems have a significant impact on the quality and safety of our water supply.

If your property was flooded, please walk the area of your onsite wastewater system (OWS) and look for signs of system failure. If your OWS is approved by Boulder County, you can find the permit and final drawing of the system at If you identify damage to your OWS, repairs may be necessary. Please contact our office for further guidance at 303-441-1564.

Signs of Septic System Failure

If any of the following is identified, then a septic system repair permit is likely needed. Please call Boulder County Environmental Health at 303.441.1564 to talk to a Water Quality Specialist.

  • There is a change in grading in the area of the septic system.
  • An area of the septic system has collapsed.
  • There is significant erosion in the area of the septic system.
  • There are signs of exposed gravel, tire chips or chambers in the absorption bed/trench.
  • Parts of the septic system (absorption bed/trench, septic tank, pipes) are exposed.
  • Electrical components or wiring in a lift/pump tank are inundated with water.
  • There are sewage back-ups or very slow sewage drainage inside the home.
  • There is pooling, flowing, or surfacing sewage from the septic system.

Additional Guidance

After assessing your OWS, you may still have questions regarding the functionality of your system. BCPH Water Quality Inspectors are available to counsel you over the phone and discuss the results of your assessment. Our inspectors may be available to visit your site and provide further guidance if necessary.

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