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Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Permits and Fees

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Fees & Permits

Boulder County Public Health reviews and approves OWTS in order to protect water quality. This ensures that OWTS are properly constructed and in good working order.

If you have questions regarding a specific situation, please contact HealthOWS@bouldercounty.org.

Notice: Fee Change

Boulder County Public Health OWTS fees increased on February 26, 2024.
The Board of Health approved the fee change in December of 2023.

OWTS Permits, Services, & Fees

Permit Type or ServiceFeeIncluded in Fees
New Construction Permit$3,023.00 Permit fee includes the following: 1 site inspection, 2 design revisions (if applicable), up to 1 hour of consultation time, 1 open hole (if required by BCPH), 1 final inspection, 1 house connect inspection, issuance of use permit.
Major Repair Construction Permit$1,823.00 Permit fee includes the following: 1 site inspection, 1 design revisions (if applicable), 1 open hole (if required by BCPH), 1 final inspection, 1 house connect inspection, issuance of use permit.
Major Repair Construction Permit (for systems associated with property improvements requiring CP&P processes)xNot effective until mid-2024 - new fee will be $3,023.00. Beyond what’s normally included with the major repair permit, 1 additional design revision and 1 hour of consultation time will be included in this fee.
Minor Repair Construction Permit$1,223.00 Permit fee includes the following: 1 site inspection (if required by BCPH), 1 design revision (if applicable), 1 final inspection, issuance of use permit.
Property Transfer$500.00Fee includes document review and issuance of certificate
Use Permit Renewal (including O&M)$100.00 Permit fee includes review of maintenance records and issuance of new use permit
Use permit (with no construction permit)$1,000.00 Permit fee includes the following: 1 design revision (if applicable), property research and 1 consultation, issuance of use permit.
Minor Repair Over the Counter$550.00 Permit fee includes the following: 1 record review and consultation, 1 final inspection, issuance of use permit.
Additional Inspections$250.00 Fee is used for reinspection’s when initial work inspected was not approved
Variance$500.00 Fee includes consultation, 1 design/proposal review and 1 Board of Health meeting
Permit renewal$250.00 Fee includes renewals with no design changes and renewed prior to expiration
Cleaner license$100.00 new and annual renewal
Installer license$100.00 new and annual renewal
Engineer registration fee$100.00 new and annual renewal
Inspector license$100.00 new and annual renewal
Additional Design Revision fee$250.00 Fee is used for design revisions required in excess of the one included in permit fees for designs already permitted and requesting significant changes or when previous redesign was not approved
Hourly Rate$155.85 Can be used for in-depth, preschedule consultation or other needs as BCPH deems appropriate
Regulation$0.35/pageFee is for requested copies of the BC OWTS regulations

In 2020, the Colorado legislature amended the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Act to remove the longstanding cap limiting the total amount that local public health agencies could charge for OWTS permit fees. This is the second fee increase Boulder County Public Health has implemented since the revision of this Act.

Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) was allocated a general budget to offset the cost of OWTS permits for many years but have recently received direction from the Board of County Commissioners and Board of Health to amend permit fees to accurately cover program costs. These fee changes were calculated to cover staff time spent per application type. BCPH staff will continue to track time and review the fees based on annual data. If changes are needed, staff will advise the Board of Health and request approval for changes as applicable.

Major Repair Permit Changes

In mid-2024, a new category for Major Repair Permits will become effective.

We are separating major repair permits into two categories: one category for replacing aging or failing OWTS, and the second category for systems associated with simultaneous property improvements. The first category was developed in effort to lower permit costs for failing or aging systems. The second category will have a higher fee reflective of the increased need for redesigns and additional consultation time with BCPH staff. This new major repair permit will allow for up to one hour of BCPH consultation time and up to two design revisions.

New OWTS Construction Permit Fee

The increased fee to this permit type will allow for up to one hour of BCPH consultation time and up to two design revisions.

Property Transfer Fee Increase

We recognize the fee for property transfer certificates is a significant increase. This program requires significant staff time to answer questions for real estate professionals, potential buyers, and sellers. Previous fees have not covered the cost of this program. We will continue to monitor and track staff time associated with this program to ensure the fee is accurate.

For existing owners, permit fees will be waived for house connects and sewer lines. The normal fee schedule will apply for new owners or any other OWTS work. If the OWTS work qualifies for a waived permit fee, you cannot apply online and will need to either mail or drop off the application to 3450 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304.

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