Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Southeast County Community Hub - SE HUB

In 2019, Boulder County purchased a recently constructed building at 1755 S. Public Road in Lafayette to provide a new location for an array of services offered by multiple departments in order to reduce the distance residents of southeast portions of the county needed to travel. Staff reviewed data on who was visiting county locations in Boulder from Lafayette, Louisville, and the surrounding area and for what services to determine the departments and services that would occupy the building. Thanks to that analysis, the following departments now provide services at the building:

LEED Certification

All newly constructed county-owned buildings are designed and built to a minimum Gold Level as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED for New Construction.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or “LEED” is a green building program that factors how all critical elements work together to create the most environmentally conscious building possible. The goal of LEED is to:

  • Reduce a building’s contribution to global climate change;
  • Enhance human health, quality of life, and well being;
  • Protect and restore habitat, vital water resources and ecosystems services; and,
  • Promote sustainable and regenerative material resource cycles.

Boulder County’s leaders and employees have long held a commitment to stewardship of our land, environment, and community. The Boulder County Commissioners believe that by prioritizing environmental sustainability, we can achieve higher economic vitality in our communities, ensure cleaner air and water for the well-being and public health of residents, and combat major environmental issues, such as climate change. By striving to become as environmentally sustainable as possible, we are supporting myriad human and environmental benefits for our county and beyond.

Each year, Boulder County also tracks the energy intensity of its existing building portfolio, performing energy assessments and retro commissioning as needed to improve overall efficiency. The County is committed to achieving ENERGY STAR recognition for eligible county-owned buildings and plans to meet all of the County’s electrical needs with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Boulder County LEED Educational Signage

At Boulder County’s Southeast Community Hub (SE Hub) we have added a comprehensive LEED educational signage program showcasing the SE Hub’s green building features. Each sign will have a QR code leading back to a LEED educational website for the Southeast County Community Hub.

EV Charging Stations

Boulder County provides charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV) for on-site parking. The EV charging stations are located on the north side of the parking lot for the sole use of plug-in electric vehicles. The EV charging stations can expand up to 6 spaces for future growth and are ENERGY STAR certified.

Storage and Collection of Recyclable & Compostable Material

Boulder County has implemented a Zero Waste Policy to reduce waste and repurpose valuable resources that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill. Throughout this facility there are dedicated collection bins for both recyclable and compostable items.

The County also provides a Hard-to-Recycle material collection center on the east side of the second floor for the safe collection, storage, and disposal of batteries, pens, hard cover books, and electronic waste.

Bicycle Storage

Boulder County promotes bicycling and alternative transportation to help reduce vehicle mileage traveled. Alternative transportation improves public health by encouraging recreational physical activity and assists with the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Indoor bicycle storage is accessible to all employees and public bicycle racks are available next to the west entry.

Shower and changing facilities are available for staff.

Active Occupants – Exercise Room, Showers & Changing Rooms

Boulder County promotes the health of building users through physical activity, while reducing environmental impacts. This is achieved in this facility by providing a dedicated multi-use exercise room, which includes a variety of equipment and a cardio room for various activities, including yoga.

Shower and changing facilities are available across from the exercise room.

Indoor Water Use

Boulder County looks for every opportunity to reduce water use, from draught resistant landscape design to high efficiency plumbing fixtures. In this facility, high efficiency plumbing fixtures that use less water than similar facilities are installed throughout the building.

Water bottle filling stations encourage the use of reusable bottles, reducing the social and environmental impacts caused by commercially produced single-use plastic bottles.

Low-Emitting Materials

Community health and well-being are high priorities for Boulder County. Reducing exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is one way this building is designed to improve indoor air quality. VOCs are chemicals found in some products that can affect indoor air, and the adhesives, paint, carpet, composite wood flooring, millwork, and furniture used throughout the building are all no or low-VOC products.

Sustainably Certified Wood

All new wood in the building, including plywood and millwork, is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC certification ensures that virgin wood material is sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

LED Lighting, Daylighting & Tubular Skylights

Lighting throughout this building is designed to optimize energy use and make use of available daylight.

LED lighting, in combination with daylight and motion sensor controls, improves the building’s overall energy efficiency, while also promoting occupant comfort and productivity.

Tubular skylights are installed throughout the second level to promote energy savings and increase natural daylight throughout the space.

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