Clerk & Recorder Divisions

Clerk & Recorder Divisions

The Clerk & Recorder oversees three public divisions: Elections, Motor Vehicle, and Recording. We also have an Administration Division to support our office-wide work.

Office-wide goals for the next three years:

Provide the Best in Public Service:

  • Provide the best in public service and account for it publicly.
  • Model inclusive and equitable culture and services.
  • Influence vision statewide and nationally through leadership, partnerships, and working groups.
  • Be prepared to execute emergency response plans.

Values-Driven Culture:

  • Staff connect their work to the department’s vision.
  • Retain the best people and empower them to meet the department’s goals.
  • Use teaming to build our culture and fast-track our vision.

Technology accelerates our vision:

  • Staff defend against cybersecurity threats.
  • Modernized cybersecurity program defends against threats.
  • Leverage technology to implement secure, efficient, and responsive services.
  • Data demonstrates election integrity and confidential information is protected.

Elections, Motor Vehicle, and Recording goals are listed under the individual tabs.

Public Accountability & Service Reports

These annual reports highlight key facts and accomplishments of the Clerk & Recorder’s office. They are produced late summer and published early September.

Man on bicycle dropping of his ballot at a 24-hour ballot drop boxElections Division

The Elections Division registers voters, maintains voter registration records, and conducts elections. Contact the Elections Division at or 303-413-7740.

Division Goals

Boulder County is the best place to be a voter:

  • Facilitate the most positive voting experience in the country.
  • Run the most accurate and efficient ballot processing operation in Colorado.
  • Staff is prepared to execute Incident Response protocols.
  • Interactions with the public and partners build trust and participation.

Program Highlights (updated early every year to reflect prior year accomplishments)

The Elections Division successfully conducted the 2023 Coordinated Election for Boulder County voters, including the successful execution of a statutory recount for the City of Boulder City Council contest. The work to conduct the election included registering voters, mailing out ballots, processing ballots, and setting up in-person voting opportunities. In addition, the Elections Division conducted its first ranked choice voting election for the City of Boulder Mayoral contest and successfully completed the first risk-limiting audit for a ranked choice voting contest in Colorado and likely nationally. Turnout for the 2023 Coordinated Election was 52.7%, with over 56,000 ballots being returned on Election Day alone. The Elections Division continued to offer (and will going forward) in-person Spanish-language ballots.

Legislative Work

Every year, Boulder County Elections staff closely participates in the Colorado legislative process. In the months leading up to and during the legislative session (January to May), our office provides ideas and recommendations to improve our election processes to our state legislators.

The Clerk & Recorder’s office also actively participates in shaping legislation pertaining to our Motor Vehicle and Recording Divisions.

2024 Statewide Primary Election Plan

The Election Plan outlines critical election details, including vote center locations, hours of operation, and more. This plan is required by statute to be summited to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in advance of each election.

Election Activities Schedule

The election schedule of activities outlines key dates for the June Statewide Primary election.

Election Security Community Briefing

Published in the fall of 2020, this report provides details about Boulder County’s approach to elections security and the actions we are taking to protect your voter information and the integrity of your vote.

Motor Vehicle DivisionMotor vehicle clerk passing ID back to customer

The Motor Vehicle Division titles and registers motor vehicles, issues disability placards, and renews vehicle registrations for Boulder County residents. Contact the Motor Vehicle Division at 303-413-7710 or complete this online contact form.

Division Goals

Model what a visit to a Motor Vehicle office should look like:

  • Modernize check-in and wait time process for the public.
  • Influence the Colorado Department of Revenue to modernize Division of Motor Vehicle functions.

Program Highlights (updated early every year to reflect prior year accomplishments)

In 2023, the Motor Vehicle Division witnessed notable enhancements in its commitment to delivering optimal public service. The adoption of an appointments-only service model represents a significant leap forward, strategically designed to alleviate wait times and offer the public a more organized and efficient experience. This approach not only reduces the inconvenience of waiting but also provides individuals with specific appointment times, allowing for better planning and utilization of their time. By embracing this model, the service aims to enhance the overall customer experience, promoting convenience, and aligning with a customer-centric approach that values individuals’ time and schedules. Simultaneously, an upgraded queuing system was implemented, enabling individuals to check in conveniently via their cell phones. This not only streamlined the process but also facilitated more efficient communication with the public regarding their appointments. Notably, the new system accommodates messaging in both English and Spanish languages.

Sample of Recent Reviews

“Best DMV experience in my life of 20+ years going to them. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!”

“They did quite an exceptional job assisting me in getting my disabled veteran plates! They went above and beyond! I super appreciated their help and courtesy.”

“The appointment scheduling online was easy and fast and the online check-in process once I arrived was seamless.”

“I so appreciate the new appointment system! It made this the smoothest and best experience I’ve had at the DMV.”

“They could easily have sent me away, but instead they got someone in Boulder on the phone and had them process my registration right there. 30 mins later I was holding plates and on my way. Helpful!”

“Awesome experience and wonderful staff! Everyone there went out of their way to make sure I had all the information I needed. I am so grateful!”

Motor Vehicle Statistics

Find details about the volume of motor vehicle registrations processed by the Boulder County Motor Vehicle Division by year and by city.

Latest News

Recording DivisionEat, Drink, & be Married photo

The Recording Division records warranty deeds, deeds of trust, quit claim deeds, liens, and subdivision plats for public notice; issues and records marriage licenses and civil unions; and provides recorded documents. Contact the Recording Division at or 303-413-7770.

Division Goals

Model what a modernized Recording office looks like:

  • 100% of services can be completed online.
  • 100% of historical books protected and preserved.
  • Modernize the Recording website.
  • Reduce phone wait times.

Program Highlights (updated early every year to reflect prior year accomplishments)

The Recording Division continued its commitment to delivering exceptional public service, focusing on the recording of real estate documents and issuance of marriage licenses. In late 2023, the Recording Division successfully implemented its new and improved system. This milestone represents a significant advancement, reflecting the division’s ongoing commitment to staying abreast of technological and cyber security enhancements. The introduction of this upgraded system is poised to further elevate the efficiency and capabilities of the division in recording real estate documents and managing marriage licenses, contributing to an enhanced overall public service experience.

Recorded Document Statistics

Learn about the annual volume of marriage licenses and total documents processed by the Recording Division and revenue collected since 2008.

Administrative DivisionGroup photo of Boulder County Clerk & Recorder staff members

Our Administrative Division manages operations, personnel, budget, finance (Procure to Pay), contracts, IT, Security, and Strategic Planning for the Elections, Motor Vehicle and Recording Divisions. Additional responsibilities include ensuring statutory compliance, employee development, and collaborating with the public, county offices, departments, and various other agencies. Administrative staff are also responsible for the advancement of equity and inclusion initiatives in our office.

Program Highlights (updated early every year to reflect prior year)

The Administration Department of the Clerk and Recorder’s office played a role in bolstering the achievements of all divisions within the department. Their multifaceted contributions encompassed the seamless onboarding of hundreds of election judges and workers, processing of contracts and invoices from vendors, and the management of grants. The division also took a proactive approach by developing and implementing strategic action plans to advance equity and inclusion initiatives, while concurrently enhancing physical security protocols within the office. Personnel matters, including staffing, were effectively managed, and the department was accountable for overseeing the budget. Beyond administrative functions, the Administration Department provided valuable coaching to staff, led the organization’s accountability program, and undertook various responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning and success of the entire Clerk and Recorder’s office.

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