Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage in unincorporated Boulder County is $15.69/hour.

A partir del 1 de enero, el salario mínimo local en la zona no incorporada del condado de Boulder será de $15.69/hora.

Clerk & Recorder

Clerk & Recorder

Molly Fitzpatrick HeadshotMolly Fitzpatrick

Molly Fitzpatrick was first elected as Boulder County Clerk and Recorder in 2018 and re-elected to a second four-term term in 2022. As Boulder County Clerk and Recorder, Molly oversees three divisions: elections, motor vehicle, and recording.

Molly serves as the president-elect of the Colorado County Clerks Association and is slated to serve as president of the association in 2024. Molly also serves as the association’s elections legislative co-chair, collaborating closely with county clerks and stakeholders to implement forward-thinking election reforms prioritizing security and accessibility in elections. Molly actively participates in multiple national working groups and dedicates her time to the Electronic Recording Technology Board, which supports the digitization of land records in Colorado.

In her time as clerk, Molly has already overseen seven elections. She has consistently championed advancements that uphold the values of integrity, accessibility, and security in the elections process and has worked to demonstrate these values to the public through proactive communication and outreach.

Before becoming clerk, Molly demonstrated her commitment to civic engagement as the organizing director at New Era Colorado, where she orchestrated statewide initiatives that empowered young voters to participate in the democratic process. Her efforts not only aided voters in navigating the complexities of voting but also contributed to pivotal administrative and policy reforms aimed at making democracy more accessible.

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Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Elections: 303-413-7740

Motor Vehicle: 303-413-7710

Recording: 303-413-7770

Main: 303-413-7700

7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Fridays


Boulder: 1750 33rd St.
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Longmont: 529 Coffman St.
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Lafayette: 1755 S. Public Road
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1750 33rd St.
Boulder, CO 80301