Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Strategic Initiatives – SI

Strategic Initiatives -- SI

The Strategic Initiatives Division supports the implementation of program strategies, service efforts and intergovernmental initiatives that encourage strategic alignment and service integration among related Community Services divisions, Boulder County Departments, municipalities, and private funding partners. These efforts include community needs assessment, program development, performance measurement, and guidance in investment strategies.

Co-Responder Project

The Boulder County Co-Responder project provides behavioral health co-response to local law enforcement and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in unincorporated areas of Boulder County and east Boulder County. Co-responders provide crisis intervention support to law enforcement in the field, helping to resolve issues on scene and to connect individuals with vital services. The Project includes a Program Coordination Group (PCG) that guides program planning and implementation efforts and a Steering Committee that seeks to enact broader program and policy alignment with similar efforts operating in the county.

Behavioral Health Roadmap cover

Behavioral Health Roadmap

The Behavioral Health Roadmap represents a shared vision in which all people can get the right mental and behavioral health supports at the right time and works towards a community of belonging for all. This vision was developed in a highly collaborative manner with the input of more than 600 community stakeholders and is shared across the community. The goals, strategies, and solutions outline a shared direction that can move the county collectively towards this shared vision.

Evaluation Efforts

SI provides leadership to internal Community Services divisions staff and projects related to professional development, client-centered business practices, data management, evaluation and reporting efforts, and cross-divisional program integration. Efforts in this area include the development of annual reports, data briefs, and tailored analytic services. Program evaluation efforts are implemented to better determine whether programs and services are meeting intended outcomes and to drive program refinements based on performance data.

Grants Writing & Management

SI provides grant writing services to other divisions for state, federal and foundation grant opportunities and coordinates grant writing efforts in support of programs to increase resources available to address department and county priorities. SI also represents the department in various governing, funding, regulatory, human services, and with external community collaborative agencies and organizations. A significant area of work focuses on the management of a number of grant-making efforts that allocate funding to non-profit community service providers, including the Human Services Fund and Worthy Cause.

Healthy Youth Alliance (HYA)

The Healthy Youth Alliance administers a variety of programs through partnerships aimed at preventing and reducing underage substance use. HYA partners with other agencies to offer county-wide programming, technical support for funded partners, public messaging efforts, and the promotion of training and collaboration opportunities for community partners.

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County (HSBC)

HSBC is an innovative, systems-oriented approach to addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness that includes multiple government entities (Boulder County and the Cities of Boulder and Longmont), nonprofits working to impact homelessness, and the faith community. This regional, integrated service system combines a coordinated entry process with the provision of timely and appropriate supportive and housing services to assist people in moving out of homelessness and into housing in the most efficient ways possible.

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