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Appointments now required for in-person visits. Additionally, registration renewals need to be completed out of office. Options include online, by mail or drop box, or at a self-service kiosk. Read about these changes (including benefits, and FAQs). Información en español.

Title Services

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Title Tip #1: Properly endorse your title

Make sure you properly fill out your vehicle title when transferring ownership. If you make an alteration, it voids the title, so be sure to do it right the first time.

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Title Tip #2: Branded Titles

Some titles are marked as Salvage, Rebuilt from Salvage or Junked. Two of these designations mean a car can’t be driven on public roads. Do you know which ones?

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Title Tip #3: Joint Tenancy

If you co-own a vehicle, be sure to apply for Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship. This designation will keep the vehicle out of probate court if one of the owners dies.

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How to properly endorse a title

To expedite and ensure only one trip to the DMV, you must be sure to properly endorse your vehicle title when transferring it to a buyer, family member, or another party as part of a sale or gift.

  1. Odometer Reading: If the vehicle is under 20 years old, an odometer reading (without decimals) needs to be entered in the Odometer Reading box. The odometer indicator checkbox must also be checked. If the vehicle is 20 years or older, then odometer information and buyer signature are not required. (Note: State law changed the odometer disclosure requirement from vehicles under 10 years old to vehicles under 20 years old starting Jan 1, 2021. Vehicles that are 2010 and older were grandfathered in and are therefore exempt from this requirement.)
  2. Seller’s Hand Printed Name(s): The seller must legibly hand print the names of all title owners. The names must be printed exactly as they appear on the front of the title.
  3. Seller’s Signature: All titled owners listed on the front of the title must sign in the designated Seller’s Signature area.
  4. Buyer’s Hand Printed Name: The name(s) of all buyers must be legibly hand printed. The name should be printed as you want it to appear on the new title.
  5. Buyer’s Signature Acknowledges Odometer Reading: The signature of one buyer must be entered if there was an odometer reading.
  6. Date of Sale & Purchase Price: Must be entered in the appropriate boxes. If the vehicle is being transferred to a family member for free or is a gift, write “Gift” in the purchase price box.

Alterations to the title are not allowed. If you make a mistake, you must request a new title.

  • If you purchased your vehicle from a Colorado dealership, they will send us your title paperwork. Once we receive your paperwork, we will start processing your title.
  • Check your title status online to avoid coming in before your title has been received and processed.
  • If your title is ready, you should receive a postcard from us soon (your Title Complete Notice).
    • Once you receive it, you can register your vehicle online or come into one of our three branch locations.
    • If your title is ready but you haven’t received your Title Complete Notice and you want to register online, please call us for your letter ID.

If your title has been lost or destroyed, you may request a replacement title online. You may also apply by mail or in-person at one of our three office locations.

To apply in-person, provide the following:

To apply by mail, submit the following:

  • Duplicate title request form completed by the owner, lienholder, or authorized agent
    • Be sure to follow all instructions when completing the form. The person signing the form must provide identification information (from a Secure and Verifiable ID).
  • $8.20 fee for duplicate title (paid by check)


If a lien exists or has existed in the past eight years, the duplicate title will be mailed to the lien holder for release of the lien. A separate lien release letter may be requested from the lienholder. Submit the letter with the duplicate title request. The title will be mailed to the owner.

Lien release letters must be provided on company letterhead and include the following:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Titled owners name
  • Agent’s signature with the date, signed under penalty of perjury (notarization is not acceptable)

The lien release on the duplicate title must be completed by the lender if a new title with no lien is needed.

Boulder County residents seeking to change their name on their title and registration must visit one of our branch offices. The name on your registration will only be changed if you change the name on your title.

Please bring the following to the MV Division:

  • Title to your vehicle*
  • Secure and Verifiable ID
  • Name change documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal name change document from a court)
  • $7.20 fee for new title

* If your vehicle is currently financed, contact your lien holder/lender regarding how they want to proceed with changing your name.

It is important to keep your vehicle title up-to-date in order to avoid issues when you sell the vehicle.

Adding a Name

  • The owner(s) of the title must sign-off as the seller in the Seller’s Signature area, and then both parties must sign the title as buyers in the Buyer’s Signature area.
  • Person being added to the title must visit one of our offices with the signed title and their Secure & Verifiable ID.
  • $7.20 fee for new title

Removing a Name

When the title lists multiple owners, the process for removing a name will depend on the specific situation:

If one person wishes to relinquish ownership of the vehicle:

  • The person relinquishing ownership will hand print their name (exactly as it appears on the title) and sign in the Seller’s Area on the back of the title.
  • The person maintaining ownership must then bring the title into one of our DMV branch locations in order to request a new title with only their name on it. (They do not need to sign the old title).

If one of the owners has died, the surviving owner should request a new title without the name of the deceased:

  • When two owners are listed on the title with Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship:
    • To request a new title, the surviving owner must bring in the title and the death certificate for the deceased to one of our MV branch locations. No one needs to sign.
  • When two owners are listed on the title and Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship does not appear on the title:
    • To request a new title, the surviving owner must bring in the title, the death certificate, and the Letters of Testamentary (or court order) to one of our MV branch locations.

Salvage Titles

  • Vehicles with titles that are branded with “Salvage” are not considered road worthy.
  • They cannot be registered or plated until they are repaired and inspected.

To convert a Salvage Title to Rebuilt from Salvage, follow these steps:

  1. Repair the vehicle
  2. Schedule an appointment to have it inspected by Colorado State Patrol.
  3. In order to legally drive the vehicle to State Patrol for the inspection, you must first visit one of our MV branch locations to request a one-day temporary permit.
  4. Once the vehicle passes the inspection, you will visit one of our offices to title and register the vehicle. You will need to bring the following:
    • Salvage Title
    • Inspection Report
    • Paperwork and receipts for all repairs completed
    • All other items required to register the vehicle. Please see our Vehicle Registration page for checklists.
  5. You will receive a new Title branded as “Rebuilt from Salvage.” When you sell your vehicle, you must give the buyer a Branded Title Disclosure Statement (see below).

Rebuilt from Salvage Title

  • A vehicle with a title that is branded “Rebuilt from Salvage” is considered road worthy.
  • When you purchase a vehicle with a Rebuilt from Salvage title, you must provide the following to register and plate the vehicle:
  • When you sell a vehicle with a Rebuilt from Salvage title, you must provide Form DR2710 to the buyer.

Junked Title

  • Vehicles with a title branded as “Junked” cannot be registered or plated, even if repaired.
  • If you buy a vehicle with a Junked title, you will never be able to legally drive it on public roads.

If you plan to co-own your vehicle, be sure to apply for Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship. This ensures that the vehicle will not go to probate court if one of the owners dies.

All owners must complete and sign the second page of this form. Bring the form with you when you register the vehicle.

As you probably know, you must have a vehicle title in order to register and plate your vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle or receive one as a gift and the title is missing, you must make a diligent effort to recover the title from the previous owner(s).

If you are unable to locate the title, our office can help you acquire a Bonded Title. The process is a bit complicated, so please contact our office for instructions.

You may apply for a new title free of any liens, but this is optional. Instead, you may simply file away the existing title with the lien release completed on it (or the separate lien release letter). If/when you want to sell your vehicle, you can do so using the title with the lien release.

If you wish to obtain a clear title free of any liens, you will need to visit one of our offices and present the following:

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