Release of Lien on a Vehicle

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Release of Lien on a Vehicle

Like most states, Colorado is non-title-holding state, which means that when there’s a lien placed on a vehicle on a Colorado title, the title is sent to the lien holder to hold until that lien is satisfied. Once satisfied, the lien holder will send the title to the owner with the lien released on the front of the title and/or with a lien release letter.

  • If the lien is released on the front of the title, the items below must be present:
    • Lender company name. (Note that if the lender name in the release does not match the lender name shown in the lien section of the title, a Statement of One and the Same– by company merger or by company name change– provided by the lender on their letterhead is required to reconcile the name difference.)
    • Lender agent’s signature.
    • Date the lien was released.
  • If a separate lien release letter is used, it must include the following features:
    • It must be on lien holder letterhead.
    • The name of the lender on the lender letterhead must match the lien holder name printed on the face of the title. If the name does not match, a Statement of One and the Same– by company merger or by company name change– is required. (These statements would be provided by the lender and may be included in the lien release letter.)
    • Vehicle description (Year, Make, VIN).
    • Titled owners’ names.
    • Date the lien was released.
    • The lender agent’s signature must be present and must either be notarized, or signed under penalty of perjury.
      • (An example would read, “I certify under penalty of perjury in the 2nd degree that the above statements are true and correct.”)
    • Note: that a photocopy, scanned and printed copy, or faxed copy of the lien release letter is acceptable.
  • If a lien was originally filed electronically, when the lien is satisfied:
    • The lien holder or third party may provide a paper title to the owner, which will show no record of the lien.
    • Alternatively, they may simply provide a lien release letter without a title and instruct the owner to obtain a title at the County office.
    • A paper title is required in order to sell the vehicle.

Once the owner has received the title from their lender with the lien released on the front and/or with a lien release letter, the owner can use this title to sell the vehicle, if they choose, or simply store it securely with their important records. Obtaining a new title that doesn’t show the lien at all is not required, but the owner may wish to do so. Getting a new title ensures that the County’s records also reflect that the lien has been satisfied.

  • If a lien release transaction happens only between the lender and the borrower via a letter or by a lien release on the face of the paper title, and the title were to be lost or destroyed, the owner may need to obtain a lien release letter to show the County that the lien was satisfied before the owner could obtain a replacement title from the County.
  • Once past the lien maturity date shown on the face of the title, a lien release would not be required since the lien is considered matured and therefore satisfied by that date.
  • If the owner receives only a lien release letter with their title and wants to keep their information as shown in the lien release letter private, they should consider getting a new title so that the lien release letter doesn’t have to be provided to someone purchasing the vehicle.
  • Obtaining a new title due to a lien release must be done in the County in which the owner resides and costs $7.20.
  • Our office operates by appointment only. Please make an appointment for a title transaction if you are planning to come in to get a new title.
  • For additional questions, call us at 303-413-7710.

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