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Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience (OSCAR)
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Mission of the Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience

Our mission is to advance policies and programs that conserve resources, protect the environment, and safeguard our climate in order to build a sustainable, just, and resilient community.

Climate Action in Boulder County

Colorado communities are already experiencing the impacts of a warming climate in the form of reduced snowpack, earlier snowmelt, high intensity wildfires, extreme weather events, and an increased number of “high heat” days. Boulder County is taking action on the climate crisis through bold initiatives that cut greenhouse gas emissions, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and help residents adapt and thrive in the face of climate change impacts.

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Sustainability Matching Grant Applications

Applications are now closed for the 2023 funding of the sustainability matching grants for municipalities in Boulder County. Visit the Matching Grant webpage to view details about the program.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means “The use, development and protection of resources in a way that enables Boulder County residents to meet their needs and maintain a high quality of life, without compromising the ability of future residents to do the same.” Boulder County values balancing a strong economy, protection of the environment and social equity.

About Us

Photo of bicycles for sharing as part of B-Cycle programBoulder County’s leaders and employees have long held a commitment to stewardship of our land, environment, and community. The Boulder County Commissioners believe that by prioritizing environmental sustainability, we can achieve higher economic vitality in our communities, ensure cleaner air and water for the well-being and public health of residents, and combat major environmental issues, such as climate change. By striving to become as environmentally sustainable as possible, we are supporting myriad human and environmental benefits for our county and beyond.

The Boulder County Commissioners’ Sustainability Initiative was created in 2005 to support the policies and practices that reduce the environmental footprint of county internal operations as well as to provide nationally recognized services for county employees, residents, and businesses. In 2020 the initiative was officially transitioned into the Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience (OSCAR). The OSCAR provides resources, knowledge, and motivation to make sustainability an integral part of our public service mission. This initiative has continued to grow and evolve, involving the teamwork and expertise of employees from all county departments, working cooperatively within the county and with community and intergovernmental partners to achieve sustainability within our communities.

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Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience

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