Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Meet the Office of Sustainability, Climate Action, and Resilience (OSCAR)

Boulder County’s leaders and employees have long held a commitment to stewardship of our land, environment, and community. The Boulder County Commissioners believe that by prioritizing environmental sustainability, we can achieve higher economic vitality in our communities, ensure cleaner air and water for the well-being and public health of residents, and combat major environmental issues, such as climate change. By striving to become as environmentally sustainable as possible, we are supporting countless human and environmental benefits for our county and beyond.

The Boulder County Commissioners’ Sustainability Initiative was created in 2005 to support the policies and practices that reduce the environmental footprint of county internal operations as well as to provide nationally recognized services for county employees, residents, and businesses. In 2020, the initiative was officially transitioned into the Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience (OSCAR). OSCAR provides resources, knowledge, and motivation to make sustainability an integral part of our public service mission. This initiative has continued to grow and evolve, involving the teamwork and expertise of employees from all county departments, working cooperatively within the county and with community and intergovernmental partners to achieve sustainability within our communities.

OSCAR’s programs provide many services to residents and community members. Below, please find the contact information for specific programs:

Our Staff

Susie Strife

Susie Strife, Director

Susie Strife is the Director of the Office of Sustainability, Climate Action, & Resilience for Boulder County. In this role, Susie leads Boulder County’s climate action and sustainability efforts, developing programs and initiatives with a special focus on climate strategy and policy. Complimentary to her work at Boulder County, Susie is deeply committed to educating young people. She teaches courses at the University of Colorado and has been an active board member of several environmental non-profits.

Susie received her PhD from the University of Colorado in 2009, funded by the EPA’s Science to Achieve Results Fellowship, and received her BA from Middlebury College in 2002. Susie is motivated by her young daughters who are a constant reminder that sustainability is meaningful work especially in creating a vibrant future for all youth. She loves to backcountry ski and trail run, but her favorite way to spend time is playing with her high-spirited little girls.

Zac Swank

Zac Swank, Deputy Director

Zac Swank is the Deputy Director of Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action, and Resilience. Zac oversees Boulder County’s Built Environment and Decarbonization teams focused on commercial and residential electrification, efficiency, sustainability, and environmental justice. Zac has an MBA and a BA in environmental politics. Prior to Boulder County, Zac was operations manager of Colorado CarShare, a Fellow at Natural Capitalism Solutions, and advised entrepreneurs as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa.

Tim Brodderick

Tim Broderick, Senior Sustainability Strategist

Tim is the Senior Sustainability Strategist for Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action, and Resilience. Tim helps develop strategic planning and visioning for the department, and is responsible for managing the nature-based solutions (NbS) and circular economy teams.

Tim leads regenerative agriculture initiatives to increase soil health, sequester carbon, and enhance resilience. He has distributed close to a million dollars of on-the-ground grant funding towards regenerative agricultural projects in Boulder County. He also helped launch Restore Colorado, which recently received the USDA Climate Commodities Grant and is now a part of the CO Department of Agriculture Healthy Soils Challenge. Before working in government, Tim spent 10 years as a sustainability professional in higher education at Colorado State University and Temple University.

Deandra Croissant

Dede Croissant, Climate & Circularity Specialist

Dede is on the Nature-based Climate Solutions and Circular Economy Team. Dede leads urban landscape initiatives to improve resilience and mitigate climate impacts, investigates opportunities within carbon markets, and helps design and manage OSCAR’s circular economy programs to reduce supply chain emissions in the manufacturing sector. She also works on regenerative agriculture initiatives such as the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Fund. Deandra completed her Masters of Sustainability from the University of Sydney.

Brett Fleishman

Brett Fleishman, Senior Climate Strategist

Brett manages OSCAR’s big-picture climate policy and strategy work. Driving projects, programs, and policies toward the scale and structure necessary to meet our climate and justice goals, Brett works with federal government agencies and regional partners to generate the needed resources and momentum. He has a background in climate finance, climate policy, organizing, and activism. Brett holds an MS in Development Economics from The New School.

Morgan Gardner

Morgan Gardner, Climate Communications Fellow

Morgan spearheads various communication initiatives that include copywriting, social media management, photography, graphic design, marketing, and more. With a passion for visual media and storytelling, Morgan collaborates closely with multiple internal and external departments to increase awareness of the climate crisis and inspire climate action. Her content serves to advocate for those most impacted by climate change while promoting climate sustainability and driving positive change. Morgan holds a BA in Journalism and Media Communications from Colorado State University.

Dave Hatchimonji

Dave Hatchimonji, Low-Income Energy Services and Green Workforce Development Lead

Dave’s focuses on increasing services to lower-income and climate disproportionally impacted communities, and how to increase green trade opportunities and capacity within the region. He began his tenure with Boulder County at Longs Peak Energy Conservation prior to joining OSCAR. Dave has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the U.C. Santa Barbara and an MBA from C.U. Denver.

Christian Herrmann

Christian Herrmann, Climate Communications Director

Christian is a bonafide creative with an award-winning knack for telling compelling stories that drive engagement and bring big issues to life. Christian manages strategic communications for Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience. He is responsible for the department’s creative direction, branding, media relations, and public information campaigns, which have generated national and international news coverage. He also co-founded the Colorado Climate Communicators Coalition, a first-of-its-kind professional organization for governmental and government-adjacent communications professionals. His video and digital media work focuses on social justice, education, and the arts with emphasis on subjects from traditionally marginalized and LGBTQ+ communities. Christian completed his BA in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University.

Marina La Grave

Marina La Grave, Climate Equity Specialist

Marina leads OSCAR’s intercultural communications, engagement, and language access initiatives. She works across departments and within the community to advance equity, strengthen collaboration on race and justice, and deepen relationships with the county’s most climate-vulnerable groups. By analyzing climate and sustainability initiatives through an equity lens, Marina supports decision-making processes and prioritized actions across the department. Marina is a United Nations translator and interpreter with over 30 years of experience.

Sabina Maniak

Sabina Maniak, Climate Communications Specialist

Sabina works across OSCAR programs and teams to ensure that all communications are concise and accessible. She is responsible for developing web content and newsletters, and enjoys learning about and sharing all elements of the county’s climate and resilience work. Her interdisciplinary background includes international climate policy, environmental justice, earth sciences, wind energy, and transportation. Sabina completed her MA in Urban Resilience and Sustainability at the University of Colorado, Boulder and her BA in Linguistics at Washington University in St. Louis.

Headshot of Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson, Nature-based Climate Solutions Specialist

Kevin’s work focuses on managing our forests, grasslands, and watersheds to increase resilience and address the impacts of climate change. Kevin also facilitates inter-departmental collaboration on water for the county and manages the Boulder County Climate Innovation Fund, which funds innovative regional projects on carbon dioxide removal and landscape resilience. Kevin has a BS in Biology and a MS in Natural Resources and Environment and a background in watershed management and environmental science.

Collin Tomb

Collin Tomb, Climate & Health Strategist

Collin reaches across county lines to address the common sources of air pollution and greenhouse gases through state-level programs and policy, working closely with Public Health and the Policy Office. She brings health, science and equity expertise to the policy process through government and professional collaborations. Collin has a background in bioscience, green building, business sustainability and air quality. She holds a BA in Biology from Harvard University and an M.Arch. from the University of Utah.

Lea Yancey

Lea Yancey, Senior Sustainability Strategist

Lea leads countywide transportation electrification initiatives to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, electric bikes, and associated charging to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Her work encourages collaboration to achieve mutual goals, share knowledge, improve environmental justice, and leverage resources. Lea also manages the Boulder County Environmental Sustainability Matching Grant program, which supports funding to municipalities for their communities’ sustainability priorities. Lea received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in air and water quality, from the University of California at Berkeley.