Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Sustainable Transportation
Boulder resident lifts bicycle on to bike rack on the front of local bus

Sustainable Transportation

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Colorado. In Boulder County, transportation is the second most emissive sector, generating 30% of GHGs. OSCAR works with departments and municipalities across Boulder County to decrease transportation emissions through multi-modal transportation, electric vehicles (EVs), and electric bicycles (e-Bikes).

Cleaning up transportation emissions plays a key role in achieving Boulder County’s emissions reduction goals. Read below to see the county’s transportation programming in action.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Boulder County recognizes the importance of providing residents with varied, reliable, and low-carbon options for getting around. The county’s Transportation Planning team in the Community Planning & Permitting Department focuses on transit, cycling, mobility, and corridor planning to increase multi-modal transportation options for Boulder County residents. The team’s Mobility for All program promotes accessible, affordable, and equitable transportation options for residents of all ages. Visit the Transportation Planning page to learn more about biking infrastructure, EcoPasses, youth programming, and more.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Replacing gas vehicles with EVs can dramatically reduce a business’s or household’s annual carbon emissions. Colorado has recently introduced several initiatives to help Coloradans make the switch to EVs.

Hoping to make the switch to an EV yourself? Colorado Public Radio recently released an EV Discounts Guide that breaks down what offers are currently available.


Electric bicycles, or e-Bikes, are quickly growing in popularity. The motor-assisted bicycles make biking more accessible to more people, and can often be used to replace car trips to work or the grocery store. Learn about financial assistance opportunities, e-Bike safety, and more, here.

Leading by Example

Boulder County provides employees with free or discounted transit passes, pre-tax assistance with vanpool programs, and prioritized parking for carpools. The county also provides bicycles for employees to check out and use during the day for short trips that would otherwise require a vehicle. Policies and programs support the use of alternative transportation for employees, increase the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and decrease the emissions of the existing vehicle fleet.

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