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As e-Bikes gain popularity, Boulder County residents may have questions on different technology options and bike classes, rules regarding where you can and can’t go on an e-Bike, and how to get financial assistance to purchase an e-Bike.

This page serves as a starting point for Boulder County residents to gain an understanding of e-Bike technology, trail regulations, and available discount programs.

What are e-bikes?

Electric bicycles, or e-Bikes, provide riders with a speed boost through an electric motor, making it possible to bike greater distances and up steeper inclines, get to your destinations quickly without getting sweaty, and more! They are also more accessible to people of different ages and abilities than manual bikes. E-Cargo Bikes are a great option to carry kids to school or bring groceries home. Read more about why e-Bikes might be a good fit for you and your family from the State of Colorado, here.

Types of e-Bikes

e-Bikes are classified based on their maximum speed and how they give you power:

  • Class 1: 20 mph maximum speed, power from electric motor provided to the rider when pedaling.
  • Class 2: 20 mph maximum speed, power from electric motor provided to the rider when pedaling or activated by a throttle.
  • Class 3: 28 mph maximum speed, power from electric motor provided to the rider when pedaling; motor capacity is capped at 750 watts.

Several sub-types of e-Bikes can help people with mobility-limiting disabilities, or who are carrying additional materials or passengers:

  • Adaptive e-Bike: designed for people with disabilities; typically have 3 or 4 wheels and are set lower to the ground with a basket style seat.
  • e-Cargo Bike: have extended frames, are designed to carry passengers or extra weight/cargo, and have attachment points for additional racks, baskets, or seats.

For general information, safety tips, and an e-Bike buyer’s guide, please visit the Community Cycles website. Community Cycles is a Boulder-based nonprofit organization that expands bicycle ridership through access, education, and advocacy.

e-Bikes on Trails

In Boulder County, class 1 and 2 e-Bikes are allowed on designated regional and Open Space trails in the plains. All e-Bikes are prohibited on foothills and mountain trails. Visit Boulder County’s Open Space map for more details on where you can take your e-Bike, including details on e-Bike permissions for people with mobility disabilities.

As you consider the purchase of an e-Bike, please consider that class 3 e-Bikes are only allowed on roads and in bike lanes and must be operated only by people age 16 or older. For more information, please visit the Colorado State Assembly’s page on statewide e-Bike laws.

2023 e-Bike Discounts and Incentives

This year, Boulder County residents may be eligible for two different e-Bike discount programs based on income and location: Through the Colorado Energy Office and through the City of Boulder.

Note: These two discounts are not stackable; residents who are eligible for both pools can only redeem one of the discounts.

Both programs are described in more detail below, including eligibility criteria, application details, and where to go for more information.

Colorado Energy Office logo
The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) has launched a statewide e-Bike rebate available to low- and moderate-income Coloradoans.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Low- and moderate-income Coloradans are eligible to apply for this e-Bike discount program

What are the Available Discounts?

Discounts are based on income and type of bike purchased. All selected recipients will receive funding for equipment (helmet and lock) in addition to their e-Bike discount as determined by the chart below.

Low-Income DiscountModerate-Income Discount
Adaptive* e-Bike+$250 additional+$250 additional
e-Cargo Bike+$300 additional+$300 additional
Equipment (Lock & Helmet)$100$100

*for this rebate, only adaptive e-Bikes with 3 wheels or less are eligible

Program recipients must redeem their discount at a participating e-Bike retailer, which can be located via the CEO website.

When Can I Apply?

The next round of applications will open at 10:00 AM MT on Monday, November 6 and close at 4:00 PM MT on Monday, November 13. The application window will be open for about one week each month until state funds run out. Applicants will be randomly selected to receive an e-Bike discount, which will be based on their income as described above.

For information on this program, visit the CEO e-Bike rebate website.

White City of Boulder logo

The City of Boulder has ended their 2023 e-Bike discount program. Applications for this program are currently closed.

In July and September of 2023, the City of Boulder offered incentives to expand access to e-bikes, encourage adoption and to study the role e-bikes play in advancing Boulder’s climate and transportation goals.

A limited number of vouchers were available. Vouchers were awarded through a random selection system after the online registration period. Registrants who were waitlisted will be notified once all vouchers have been distributed.

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