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Renew Registration

Appointments now required for in-person visits. Additionally, registration renewals need to be completed out of office. Options include online, by mail or drop box, or at a self-service kiosk. Read about these changes (including benefits, and FAQs). Información en español.

Attn: The Lafayette branch moved across the street to: 1755 S. Public Road on September 18.

Renew Registration

Note that renewals must be completed out of office as of December 5, 2022. Please use one of the options below.

4 Ways to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Renewal postcards are mailed out right before the month of expiration. In Colorado, you can renew up to the last day of the month after expiration (known as the one-month grace period) without accruing late fees. However, we recommend that you do not travel out of state on expired tags as other states may not honor the grace month.

Self-Service Kiosk

Boulder County residents can use any kiosk throughout state.

No waiting – your registration and license plate tabs are printed immediately!

Not available if you need to provide proof of insurance.

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Renew Online

Available 24/7. Sticker arrives by mail in 1-2 weeks.

Option to print a temporary permit you can place on your front dash before your sticker arrives.

Not available if you need to provide proof of insurance.

Renew Online

Use a Drop Box

Drop boxes are available at our Boulder, Lafayette, and Longmont office locations.

Allow 7-10 business days to receive your renewal stickers.

Good option if you need to provide proof of insurance.

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Renew by Mail

Don’t want to renew by kiosk, online, or using a drop box? It is easy to renew by mail.

Be sure you have plenty of time before the end of your grace month.

Good option if you need to provide proof of insurance.

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Renewal Checklist

To renew your vehicle registration, you will need the following:

Renewal Notice (postcard), copy of the last registration, or VIN number + License Plate Number

Method of Payment – payment options vary by renewal method

Proof of Colorado Auto Insurance (if noted on postcard)

Proof of Emissions Test (if noted on postcard)

Warning: Unofficial Motor Vehicle Websites

Pay close attention when searching online for motor vehicle information. Many unofficial websites provide inaccurate information and/or charge unnecessary fees.

Please check the URL of the site to determine if it is an official DMV website belonging to Boulder County or the State of Colorado. These URLs will contain either colorado.gov or bouldercounty.org.

More Information

Emissions Requirements

You must obtain an emissions test if noted on your renewal postcard. Please visit our Emissions Testing page to learn more about testing locations and cost, exemptions, requirements, and waivers/extensions.

Renewal Deadlines

Renew a vehicle registration during one the following:

  • Month before the registration expires
  • Month the registration expires
  • Month after the registration expires, no later than the last business day. (Known as the one-month grace period)

Late Fees

  • Colorado law requires residents to pay late fees of $25 per month, not to exceed $100.
  • Fees begin to accumulate after your one-month grace period.
  • Temporary permits are not subject to a one-month grace period (C.R.S. 42-3-112, 42-3-114).

Renewal postcards will not be forwarded – update your address online to ensure that you will receive future renewal notices. Be sure to update both your legal and mailing addresses. You will need your:

  • License plate number
  • Last eight characters of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Verification Code

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