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January 12, 2023

Boulder County Commissioners deliver 2023 State of the County address and outline priorities ahead

Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann joins the Board as the new District 3 commissioner

2023 Board of County Commissioners

(From left: Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann, Commissioner Claire Levy, Commissioner Marta Loachamin)

Boulder County, Colo. -- During the county’s annual Reorganization Meeting, the Boulder County Commissioners outlined the county’s goals, projects, and priorities for the year ahead. All county departments and elected offices contributed to the State of the County presentation, which included major projects, policy priorities, and program developments planned for 2023. A recording of the presentation, including the PowerPoint slides, is available on the county’s website.

Commissioners Claire Levy and Marta Loachamin, who delivered the presentation on behalf of the county, concluded with their priorities and vision for the next 12 months.

“As we, the Board of County Commissioners, look forward to 2023, I want to say again how honored and excited I am to work with all of our department heads and elected officials to advance the work of the county”, said Commissioner Levy. “My vision for Boulder County is grounded in the quest for equity across the spectrum of race, culture, and economic condition; addressing affordability in Boulder County to help achieve that equity and to make it possible for more people in Boulder County to live a flourishing life; and meeting the challenge of climate change with the sense of urgency that it demands and deserves. These challenges are what excites me about public service. I look forward to working with the board, county staff, partner organizations, and residents to achieve this vision.”

“I’m excited for this year, to be able to meet in person for this re-organization meeting, and to have moved from response into recovery stages on the work of Marshall Fire, the Boulder mass shooting, and the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Commissioner Loachamin. “In 2023, I look forward to opportunities for elevating cultural brokers within the county, plans for countywide community engagement, and leading discussions locally and regionally on the housing crisis. Our climate justice work continues to grow and the voter-approved ballot measures for emergency services and wildfire mitigation will enable the county to better prepare for and mitigate against any future climate-driven disasters. We at the county have a huge opportunity to serve our entire community and I am grateful to be in the midst of this public service with all of you.”

Following the State of the County address, newly elected officials Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann and Sheriff Curtis Johnson were sworn in to office alongside returning elected officials Assessor Cynthia Braddock, Clerk & Recorder Molly Fitzpatrick, Coroner Emma R. Hall, and Surveyor Lee Stadele. Treasurer Paul Weissmann was sworn in at the beginning of the year due to statutory requirements.

After being sworn in, Commissioner Stolzmann delivered remarks as the county’s newest commissioner.

“Commissioner Matt Jones, and former District 3 Commissioner Cindy Domenico before him, have left a legacy of amazing work and I am honored to follow in their footsteps and build on their successes,“ said Commissioner Stolzmann. “I believe strongly that we should leave things better than we found them, which is something that both Matt and Cindy did, and which is also my intention as a Boulder County Commissioner. I am committed to serving the Boulder County community in a way that protects the environment and allows every person the opportunity to thrive – I believe that we need to and can tackle the climate crisis through collaboration and regulation. I look forward to working in partnership with Commissioners Marta Loachamin and Claire Levy and the county’s staff to address the broad range of other pressing issues facing the county on everything from human services to housing to transportation.”

The board unanimously agreed to appoint Commissioner Levy as chair and Commissioner Stolzmann as vice-chair. The board also unanimously agreed the following appointments for 2023:

Boulder County Consortium of Cities - Commissioner Loachamin

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Board of Directors - Commissioner Levy with Commissioner Stolzmann as an alternate

Rocky Flats Stewardship Council - Commissioner Levy with Commissioner Loachamin as an alternate

Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (Now Mile High Flood District) - Commissioner Stolzmann

Workforce Boulder County - Commissioner Loachamin

Mayors and Commissioners Coalition - Commissioner Levy

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Community Noise Roundtable - Commissioner Stolzmann

Colorado Workforce Development Council - Commissioner Loachamin

Metro Area County Commissioners - Commissioner Loachamin

Criminal Justice Management Board - Commissioner Levy

Boulder County Fireshed - Commissioner Stolzmann with Commissioner Loachamin as an alternate

The commissioners also agreed the county’s public holidays through February 2024.

A full summary of the actions taken at the meeting can be found on the county’s website.

Collage of all three Boulder County Commissioners