Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann

District 3 - Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann

County Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann was sworn into office in January 2023 for a term of four years. For 2023, Ashley is vice-chair of the board.

Head shot of County Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann

Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann

Before joining the Board of County Commissioners, Ashley served on the Louisville City Council from 2013, first as a council member before being elected mayor in 2019. As a Boulder County Commissioner, she is committed to serving the Boulder County community in a way that protects the environment and allows every person the opportunity to thrive.

Ashley believes that taking climate action is the most important issue facing Boulder County and the world, and that the actions we take in the next decade will determine our path for the future.

At the City of Louisville, Ashley was appointed chair of both the Louisville Finance Committee and the Denver Regional Council of Governments and director of the Mile High Flood District.

She was also a member of the Denver Regional Council of Governments Executive and Finance Committee, the Regional Transportation Committee, and the State Transportation Advisory Committee.

Ashley received a chemical engineering degree with the highest scholastic honors (first in class) from the Colorado School of Mines and her professional background includes product and process engineering. She is a resident of Louisville, where she lives with her husband.

All three commissioners are elected ‘at-large’ (meaning all voters have the opportunity to vote for all three commissioners) and represent the whole of Boulder County.

For matters being considered by the Board of County Commissioners or for matters you would like the board to consider, email the board. To contact Commissioner Stolzmann on topics unrelated to decisions and actions by the board, email Commissioner Stolzmann.

For media queries, contact Gloria Handyside by email or phone (303) 441-1622.

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