Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Boulder County Strategic Priorities

Board of County Commissioners 2024-2026 Strategic Priorities

Boulder County serves the community and protects the natural environment through a myriad of services and programs each day.

As Boulder County responds to key issues, our departments and offices continue to develop in-depth and complex strategies to address societal and environmental needs. Some of these strategies involve regional partnerships, collaborations with other community organizations, or integration of programs across multiple departments and offices in the county. Often these larger projects require the investment of the Board of County Commissioners’ (BOCC) time and resources alongside time from staff and resources from across the county organization. The three priority areas identified align with existing programs and projects within departments, work that has been developed using community input and feedback.

2024-2026 BOCC Strategic Priorities:

  • Economic Security and Social Stability
  • Climate Action and Environmental Stewardship
  • Good Governance


Setting and communicating the priorities of leadership within an organization is considered a best management practice. Identifying these priorities was intended to determine priorities that go above and beyond the statutory and core services and functions that we are proud to deliver in Boulder County. Going forward, the BOCC will use these priorities to provide clarity around the Board’s decision-making process in budgeting and other county management decisions.

Furthermore, we recognize that while the priorities identified are important, they will not – and are not intended to – cover the full breadth nor depth of services that the county provides and will continue to provide.

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