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Healthy Futures Coalition

Healthy Futures Coalition - Partnering to reduce substance abuse

The Healthy Futures Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations dedicated to reducing substance abuse in Boulder County.


The Boulder County Healthy Futures Coalition is educating and empowering young people in Boulder County to make healthy choices.


Prevent and reduce youth substance use, adult substance abuse and harmful impacts of the community by collectively mobilizing resources and partnerships throughout Boulder County to create informed and healthy community attitudes towards drugs and alcohol. We do this by:

  • Increasing youth leadership and engagement
  • Increasing community collaboration
  • Improving coalition development

Goals to Address Marijuana Use

Healthy Futures Coalition: 2021 Projects - Goal: Use project products to educate leaders about the importance of increasing funding for prevention programming for populations that do not currently have robust prevention programming available. PROJECT 1: Youth panels and focus groups to communicate youth stories, recommendations, and strength-based data; PROJECT 2: Identification of programmatic gaps and potential partners to fill gaps; PROJECT 3: Policy briefs educating about the benefits of policies that address the root causes of substance use

Change is Possible

A body of research and practice confirms that change is possible when a community comes together and:

  • Collaboratively develop a plan
  • Collectively apply effective strategies
  • Enact a shared vision

Support & Funding

The Healthy Futures Coalition is supported by:

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Prevention Works! Join Us

Only with individuals like you can we create change that helps build a thriving Boulder County where youth and adults choose not to abuse substances.

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Healthy Futures Coalition Activities

The Healthy Futures Coalition has built a mapping tool to give a visual representation of their:

  • Areas of operation
  • Activities
  • Member organizations
  • Other local prevention coalitions and resources

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Community Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)

Main: 303-413-7017
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