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Healthy Futures Coalition & Healthy Futures Youth Coalition

Healthy Futures Youth Coalition (HFYC)

Boulder County youth unite twice a month to tackle substance use and mental health concerns head-on. Our unique approach involves adult members of the Healthy Futures Coalition (HFC) joining every other month to collaborate in partnership with our youth members.

Together, we strive to foster a community that embraces healthy attitudes toward substances and mental health. We believe that by putting the youth voice at the forefront of our work, we can create meaningful change in Boulder County.

Healthy Futures Coalition (HFC)

The Healthy Futures Coalition is a dynamic coalition of passionate youth, adults, and dedicated organizations, all united by a common goal: the prevention of youth substance use in Boulder County. At the heart of our work is the unwavering commitment to amplifying youth voice and leadership within our community.

We believe in the power of collaboration, where both youth and adults partner on youth-led initiatives. By addressing the specific concerns and challenges identified by our youth, we aim to create lasting change in Boulder County. Through our collaborative efforts, we foster sustainable and enduring projects and programs, designed and implemented by the youth whose lives they impact. Together, we are forging a healthier, brighter future for our community.

Healthy Futures Coalition - Partnering to reduce substance abuse

The Healthy Futures Coalition Yearly Cycle

The model below guides our work and ensures that we achieve our goals while cultivating a sense of community and evaluating our success.

This cycle is implemented on a school year schedule, starting with Developing Community in August/September, and ending with Evaluation in April/May. This method is used in an effort to keep youth at the center of our work.

Developing Community

  • Understanding who we are and where we come from individually and together

Identifying/Exploring the Problem

  • Examining the problems that youth face in the community and dive deep into their causes and solutions

Brainstorming Solutions

  • Figuring out what we can do as a coalition to make effective and meaningful change

Project Planning/Execution

  • Taking tangible steps in moving towards solving the identified problems


  • Figuring out if we met our goals and understanding how we can continue to do so in the future

Healthy Futures Youth Coalition (HFYC) and Healthy Futures Coalition (HFC) Meeting Schedule

HFYC and HFC meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month.

  • Dinner is provided.
  • Contact us with transportation or childcare needs.

Email for meeting location

Meeting Schedule

September 13, 2023adults and youth
September 27, 2023youth only
October 11, 2023youth only
October 25, 2023youth only
November 8, 2023adults and youth
December 13, 2023youth only
January 10, 2024adults and youth
January 24, 2023youth only
February 7, 2024youth only
February 21, 2024youth only
March 6, 2024adults and youth
March 20, 2024youth only
April 10, 2024youth only
April 24, 2024youth only
May 8, 2024adults and youth

Contact for meeting agendas.

Get Involved in the Healthy Futures Youth Coalition

If you are aged 14-20 and are interested in joining the community effort to prevent substance misuse and promote mental health, please sign up to get involved with the Healthy Futures Youth Coalition.

Get Involved in the Healthy Futures Coalition

If you are an adult who is interested in supporting youth efforts to address substance use and mental health in the community, please sign up to get involved in the Healthy Futures Coalition.

Healthy Futures Coalition Mapping Tool

The Healthy Futures Coalition has built a mapping tool to give a visual representation of their:

  • Areas of operation
  • Activities
  • Member organizations
  • Other local prevention coalitions and resources

View Map Tool

Youth Resources Map

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Community Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)

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