Coroner Internship Opportunities

Coroner Internship Opportunities

Types of Internships

The Boulder County Coroner’s Office provides non-paid internship opportunities in an effort to support the advancement of Medicolegal Investigations and Family Assistance.

Collegiate opportunities will be during the Spring, Summer and Fall terms. Collegiate interns will have to follow any expectations set by their school if they are completing the internship for credit.

Non-collegiate opportunities will also be available on a case-by-case basis.

Both collegiate and non-collegiate individuals must be able to commit to 12-20 hours per week, during the term.

Medicolegal Interns will rotate through each division of the office to include investigations, pathology, family assistance and administration, but will focus on forensic investigations and post mortem examinations.

Family Assistance Interns will rotate through each division of the office to include investigations, pathology, family assistance and administration, but will focus on providing aftercare to those affected by the loss of the decedent.

Participants may be exposed to environmental & biological hazards during the internship. Each participant will be required to create and present a PowerPoint presentation on a chosen topic of interest near the end of the internship.

Deadlines to Apply

All applicants must apply prior to the deadline date for each term:

Spring 2024 – Deadline – Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023 by midnight.

Spring Term – Jan. 15 – May 3

Summer 2024 – Deadline – Sunday, April 7th by Midnight.

Summer Term – June 3 – Aug. 9

Fall 2023 – Deadline – Sunday, July 9 by midnight

Fall Term – Aug. 28 – Dec. 15


Intern applicant minimum qualifications are:

    • Current college student or college graduate of a nationally accredited college or university.
    • If currently enrolled, a minimum GPA of 3.0 pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in an applicable field of study. (Medicolegal*) (Family Assistance**)

*Health or Human science, Forensic Science or Criminal Justice field.

** Health or Human services, Psychology or Sociology with an interest in advocacy, counseling or mental health.

How to Apply

To apply, complete the following:

  • Fill out an application form
  • Email a resume along with a cover letter, the cover letter should address the following topics:
    • Why you have an interest in interning with our office
    • Your long term goals
    • How the internship might help you achieve your goals
    • How you anticipate your internship would benefit our office
    • Your availability (which days of the week you are available and when you would be available to start an internship)
    • Your college information including the name of your college or university, your year in college, your current GPA, the degree you are pursuing, and your anticipated graduation date.

The intern application process is competitive and is a formal selection process takes several weeks, once started. The selection process includes but is not limited to written question response, phone interview, panel interview, a shadow/practical day at the coroner’s office, drug test, polygraph examination, and full background investigation.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed for consideration to begin the selection process.

Please send all correspondence to

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