Restorative Justice Facilitator

Restorative Justice Facilitator

Community Group Conferences

A team of two volunteer facilitators directs the community group conferences. They conduct pre-conference interviews with all involved parties. The facilitator’s role is to use facilitation skills to keep a safe space while assisting communication between the participants during the restorative justice process and to record negotiated contracts.

Individuals interested in becoming a facilitator are required to attend a 20-hour comprehensive training offering philosophical education plus the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate restorative justice conferences. New facilitators are asked to participate in at least 2 conferences as a community member and to co-facilitate with a more experienced facilitator until a level of competency is demonstrated. We ask facilitators commit to one year with the program and to facilitate four conferences per year. Attendance at monthly meetings is required for on-going training and case de-briefing.


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Boulder County is an equal opportunity employer.

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