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Records Section
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Records Section


Reports held by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office may be obtained from the Records Section. We will need to have a written request for this information and have forms available at our office to fill out or print our records Request Form. You will need to fax, mail, or bring the filled out form to our office. Reports can be emailed, mailed or picked up when ready.

We accept cash, check or credit cards.

If you wish to pay by credit card, the service is provided by a 3rd party vendor, Colorado.gov. There will be a $0.75 base charge, plus an additional 2.25% for all payments made by credit cards to help develop, enhance and maintain the service.
We will require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost before processing a large request for information or research. *This does not apply to payments on traffic tickets – those must be paid in full.”
To make a payment for a requested record, body camera footage, or traffic ticket, please visit: https://secure.colorado.gov/payment/bouldercountysheriff

Records Forms

You may use our form, or a letter of your own which includes a written statement saying the information will not be used for the solicitation of business for (monetary) pecuniary gain. Colorado law 24-72-305.5 requires us to obtain this signed statement prior to releasing reports.

Please allow processing time for requests.

Our agency holds a variety of reports and records, which are often requested. Some of the types of records and reports available are:

Applicant Fingerprinting

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is fingerprinting by appointments only for Court Ordered Prints, Concealed Carry Permits and Boulder County Employees. Please call 303-441-3600 to schedule an appointment. To obtain PUBLIC FINGERPRINTS please visit https://www.coloradofingerprinting.com/

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office registers convicted sexual offenders who reside in the towns of Lyons and Superior and unincorporated Boulder County, in accordance with state law. Sexual offenders are required to register quarterly, or annually, depending on the crime for which they were convicted. A list of sexual offenders who are registered with the Sheriff’s Office can be obtained by residents of Boulder County by going to the Sheriff’s Office, Records Section, or one of the Sheriff’s Office Substations and presenting proper identification. If you are not a resident in Boulder County, you can also receive a copy of the list. The list changes on a daily basis, as new offenders register and registered offenders move out of the area.

Photographs, as well as a brief description of the convictions requiring registration, are also available for viewing.

The substations are located at:

  • Lyons Town Hall
  • Superior, in Superior Marketplace
  • Niwot in the Cottonwood Shopping Center
  • Nederland Police Station

If you are a sexual offender living in Lyons, Superior, or unincorporated Boulder County and need to register, please call 303-441-3611 and follow the instructions to set-up an appointment to register. You have five business days to get registered, once you become a resident.

Our agency holds jail records for any person who was transported and incarcerated in the Boulder County Jail. We only have Boulder County Sheriff’s Office investigative reports, which will describe the arrest in more detail.

Our agency holds reports detailing incidents and crimes reported to our agency.

We will not have other agency investigative reports; such as:

  • Lafayette Police Department
  • Louisville Police Department
  • Longmont Police Department
  • Boulder Police Department

You will need to contact the investigating agency directly for their investigative reports.

There is a $5.00 search fee for each searched report. The search fee includes up to 10 pages. Most reports fall within this range. If the report you are requesting is longer than 10 pages, each additional page will cost $.25. These fees are waived for anyone who is indexed in our report as a victim.

Arrest Photos

If you wish to purchase an arrest photo (mugshot) of a person over the age of 18, there is a $5.00 fee. We cannot release arrest photos of juveniles unless that person has been charged as an adult. If this is the case, you will need to provide documentation from the Courts indicating such action.

Dispatch tapes from the Boulder County Communication center may be requested from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. There is a fee for this service.

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