Documents of Interest

Documents of Interest

The page holds a variety of documents that may be of public interest. Documents found here may include ordinance information, copies of executive summaries for major cases of interests (officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, etc.), information about natural disasters that occur in Boulder County, and other notable documents of interest.

Use of Force

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. If a person is uncooperative and fails to comply with verbal instructions given by deputies, we may
use a conductive energy device (e.g. Taser) to gain compliance, with the goal being to use the least
amount of force possible to reduce the risk of violence, or the need to get into a physical altercation.
Tasers are a pain compliance tool that, when used, can cause neuro‐muscular lock‐up, which causes less
pain risk of injury for the individual than pain compliance gained through physical force.

A. If a person, being booked in the Boulder County Jail made any statement indicating that they may
wish to harm themselves, our procedure indicates that they then must be put into suicide protocol
which means they are put in a suicide smock (a tear‐resistant single‐piece outer garment used to
prevent an individual from forming a noose with the garment to commit suicide), and receive an
increased number of visual checks from staff, and are evaluated by health and mental health staff.
When a person says they want to kill themselves, we take it very seriously and will take all necessary
actions to prevent that from occurring.

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