Updates to the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan

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Updates to the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan

Outreach efforts in 2011 introduced the existing Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (BCCP) to residents, explored how the Comprehensive Plan has shaped the county, and provided reasons for initiating a review and modernization of the plan. At these meetings staff introduced draft language on the Guiding Principles that provided direction for the Comprehensive Plan with the orientation toward sustainability. The Guiding Principles were approved by the Planning Commission on January 18, 2012. The ongoing next steps for the Comprehensive Plan update are to review the elements within the Plan. Gaining public input into the BCCP update effort is critical to planning for the future of Boulder County.

The Planning Commission authorized the Land Use Department (now known as the Community Planning & Permitting Dept.) to proceed with an update to the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan at its September 16, 2009 meeting. Please send your comments via the Ask a Planner Form.

NOTE: The focus of this webpage is the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan which provides policy guidance for unincorporated Boulder County. If you wish to view information about the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, which focuses on land only within the Boulder Valley, please visit the City of Boulder webpage Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

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Past Public Meetings

Planning Commission Public Hearing: Comprehensive Plan Redesign and Content Update Work Plan – Dec. 20, 2017

Staff reported on progress toward updating the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (BCCP). Topics of focus included document and website redesign, and a 2018 work plan for BCCP content updates. Staff requested feedback on the full scope of update efforts, and authorization to proceed with the content update work plan as resources allow.
Documents: Staff Report to Planning Commission for December 20, 2017

Planning Commission Public Hearing: Overview of Update Process and Proposed Changes to BCCP Document Template – May 17, 2017

Staff provided an overview of the proposed approach to carry out ongoing updates to the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (BCCP). This was intended as a refresher and update, as well as an opportunity for Planning Commission to provide feedback. Staff will review both the element-by-element approach for Plan updates, as well as plans to incorporate updated elements into the BCCP document as they are adopted. In addition, staff shared ideas for providing an annual opportunity to accept corrections and updates to certain BCCP maps, and initial ideas for a new BCCP document template and webpage organization.
Action Requested: Informational item only. Public testimony was not taken.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) Open Space Element Update Preview – April 23, 2015

POSAC held a public meeting where staff will presented an update preview on their initial work on the updating of the Open Space Element of the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan. The update to the Open Space Element is the next in a continuing series of updates of the individual Elements that comprise the Comprehensive Plan.

Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Update October 16, 2013

Study Session: Planning Staff report on Rights of Nature Movement as requested by Planning Commission at their June 19, 2013 meeting. Public Testimony was taken.
Documents: Staff Report on Rights of Nature Movement for October 16, 2013

Docket BCCP-10-0001: Allenspark Regional Comprehensive Plan – April 4, 2013

Proposed Plan for the area within the Allenspark Fire Protection District including the townsites of Allenspark, Raymond, and Riverside, for inclusion into the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan. Study Session – No Action Requested. Public Testimony was taken.

Past Comprehensive Plan Update Community Meetings



August 30, 2011 Allenspark Fire Station
August 31, 2011 Nederland Community Center
September 14, 2011 Boulder Recycling Center
September 21, 2011 Lafayette Library
September 26, 2011 Longmont – Parks and Open Space
October 5, 2011 Niwot – Left Hand Grange
November 15, 2011 Open House – County Courthouse


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