Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Horses On Open Space
Horses on open space


Where to Go

Horses and pack animals are allowed on all open space trails except

Equestrians should also be aware that the Walker Ranch Loop at Walker Ranch includes a 500-foot cliff-like section of stone steps that is not recommended for horses.


Equestrians are encouraged to stay on designated trails and must be under the physical control of a person at all times. The following guidelines will help make your ride more pleasant.

  • Check out trails in advance.
  • Shoe your horse because many trails are rocky.
  • Although other users are expected to yield to equestrians, assume they are unaware of trail etiquette.
  • Let other users know when it is safe to pass your horse.
  • Before passing other users, call out “passing” and then pass with care.
  • Trailer parking is limited. Refrain from parking your trailer in spaces not designated as trailer parking.
  • Avoid riding muddy trails but, if you must, ride through the mud, not around it.
  • Please use weed-free hay to avoid spreading aggressive, non-native plants on open space.

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