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March 1, 2024

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Hall Ranch Trailhead closures begin Monday, March 11

All trails and Antelope Trailhead will remain open during construction. Limited parking during project.

Boulder County, Colo. - A major construction project is scheduled for the Hall Ranch Trailhead beginning as soon as Monday, March 11. All trails and the Antelope Trailhead parking area will remain open unless otherwise closed due to muddy conditions or prescribed burns. Visitors can use the main trailhead upper and lower parking areas when periodically open as described below. Dates and the timeline are tentative and subject to weather delays.

March 11 – April 4: Full Main Trailhead Closure
The entire trailhead will be closed for construction. Visitors can walk or bike through designated areas at the trailhead. No parking will be available at the upper or lower parking areas.

March 11 – June 13: Equestrian Parking and Shelter Closed
There will be no horse trailer parking. The shelter will be closed.

April 4 – June 13: Upper Parking Area Closed
The lower parking area will be open but the upper parking area will remain closed.

June 13 – July 18: Lower Parking Area Closed
The upper parking area will be open but the lower parking area will be closed.

The goal of this project is to improve the drainage, road surface, and overall efficiency of the trailhead. Many sections have faced erosion and need repairs to prevent additional damage to the road, make vehicle access easier, and reduce impacts on the surrounding area. Water pooling in parking spots has caused the deterioration of wood timbers over time. To fix this, the wood parking timbers will be replaced with new stone curbing, which is a more sustainable solution. The stone curbing will be installed with drainage gaps to avoid water pooling, making the trailhead more resilient

Project updates and any changes to the timeline will be posted to the Hall Ranch webpage. For questions and additional information, please contact Bethani Puzo, Lead Project Manager, at or 303-678-6188.

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