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December 5, 2023

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East Boulder Creek/Prairie Run Open Space Site Management Plan Final Meetings Scheduled

Trailhead location and wildlife impacts to be discussed.

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County Parks & Open Space is concluding the planning process over the next two months for the East Boulder Creek Site/Prairie Run Open Space with three public meetings. 

The site, located at the confluence of Boulder Creek and Coal Creek, shares a border with Weld County at East County Line Road, is bounded by State Highway 52 on the north, US 287 generally on the west, and Jasper and Kenosha Roads on the south. This 1,377-acre site is composed of five individual open space properties that contain a dozen ponds and five miles of perennial stream along Boulder Creek and Coal Creek. The open space property will be named Prairie Run Open Space when it opens to the public. This name was selected through input from the public and Parks & Open Space volunteers.

In an attempt to hear and co-create the site plan with the community, staff conducted three rounds of public feedback and provided multiple opportunities for the public to visit the site and share their ideas. These opportunities were communicated through news releases, emails to subscriber lists, newspaper ads, multiple postcard mailings to neighbors, and social media posts. Additionally, staff referenced past visitor surveys, the Cultural Responsiveness and Inclusion Strategic Plan, and Use Preferences and Visitor Experiences of those Experiencing Disabilities, to understand community needs. This input is woven throughout the plan, and readers can see it reflected through the star symbol next to management actions that reflect the voice of the community.

Staff made changes to the plan based on comments received during the draft release and has clarified reasoning for complex management actions that are not universally supported by community members. Staff believes the plan reflects a balance of values expressed by the community and that each goal in the department’s mission is successfully met with the proposed management actions in the plan.

The final three public meetings include:

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2-3 p.m. - Onsite Neighborhood Meeting
th St. Proposed Trailhead Location

The meeting will provide an opportunity for neighboring residents to learn more about the alternative trailhead locations considered during the planning process. Staff will be available to discuss the project, answer questions, and receive input. Hot cocoa, cider, and donuts will be provided. This onsite meeting will be held at the proposed trailhead location on109th Street (see map below).

Thursday, Dec. 14, 6:30 p.m. - Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting
(no additional public comment will be heard at this meeting)

The Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) held a public hearing with more than 40 members of the public providing their feedback on Nov. 17. They will meet on Dec. 14 to discuss all public feedback and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Members of the public may attend in-person or online, but no additional public comment will be heard at this meeting. 

The meeting will take place in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Downtown Boulder County Courthouse, Third Floor, 1325 Pearl St., 3rd Floor, Boulder. Please visit the POSAC webpage for more information.

January - Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

The Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing in January on a date to be determined. The commissioners will meet to review the plan, listen to public feedback, and vote on whether to adopt the plan.

The meeting will take place in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Downtown Boulder County Courthouse, Third Floor, 1325 Pearl St., 3rd Floor, Boulder. Please visit the Boulder County Board of County Commissioners Public Meetings webpage for updated schedules and more information.

For more information about this management plan, the site, and the planning process, please visit the East Boulder Creek Site Management Plan/Prairie Run Open Space webpage.

Neighborhood meeting location map

Proposed traihead location and meeting location for the Dec. 13 neighborhood meeting.